Woman Poses As Doctor To Trick Friend Into Lesbian Sex

Oct 22, 2012
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A Texas woman has been arrested on charges that she impersonated a doctor in a bizarre scheme to trick a friend into engaging in a lesbian love affair and becoming her life partner.

Angela Buchanan, 30, of Lufkin, Texas, has been charged with online impersonation, a Class A misdemeanor. If convicted, she faces up to a year in jail, The Lufkin News reported.

According to the arrest affidavit, Buchanan contacted a longtime friend on Yahoo Messenger in March, saying she had breast cancer in 2008 and was now suffering from a pre-cancerous mass. Buchanan told her friend — a 51-year-old woman who is not identified in court documents — that she was being treated by a Lufkin-area gynecologist.

Angela Buchanan

Buchanan’s friend was later contacted by the doctor on Yahoo Messenger. Unbeknownst to the woman, the individual posing as “Doc” was actually Buchanan pretending to be a doctor, police said.

“[The victim] [said] that ‘Doc’ advised that the pre-cancerous mass in Buchanan’s breast could possibly be delayed or cured by an increase in certain hormone production,” the affidavit said. “‘Doc’ advised that this hormone production could be stimulated by sexual intercourse. ‘Doc’ began to recommend to [the victim] that she participate in sexual activity [with Buchanan] in order to bolster this hormone production and possibly save her friend’s life.”

The victim told police she was initially reluctant, due to religious convictions, but ultimately decided to “make this sacrifice as it might benefit Buchanan’s medical condition,” the affidavit said.

The nature, frequency and duration of the sex between the two women was allegedly directed by “Doc,” via Yahoo Messenger.

At some point in the relationship, the victim convinced Buchanan it would be in her best interest to get a mastectomy.

“[The victim] advised that following the surgery she asked this doctor about the pre-cancerous growth and that the doctor denied any knowledge of anything other than a breast augmentation,” the affidavit said.

“Doc” later explained the surgeon’s denial to the victim, allegedly saying denial was necessary because the surgery to remove the growth had been performed “under the table.”

The alleged deceit continued and, in August, Buchanan and the victim were married.

According to the affidavit, Buchanan had convinced the victim to agree to the same-sex union. Buchanan allegedly told her she was involved in a child custody dispute with a former same-sex partner and their marriage would help in the legal battle.

After the marriage, the victim’s daughter told her mom she suspected Buchanan was actually “Doc.” The victim’s daughter had worked with Buchanan, according to a news report. Buchanan and “Doc” allegedly denied the victim’s daughter’s suspicions. In an effort to get to the truth, the victim contacted Buchanan’s former partner and allegedly discovered that Buchanan had lied about having breast cancer in 2008. The victim learned Buchanan had in vitro fertilization in 2011 and became pregnant with twins, but there was no ongoing custody battle.

The victim then said she contacted the office of the real Lufkin doctor whose name Buchanan had allegedly used to set up the phony online “Doc” account and uncovered the rest of the scheme, police said.

Questioned by police, Buchanan allegedly confessed to everything.

“Buchanan advised that, had she not convinced [the victim] to do this while portraying herself as ‘Doc,’ [the victim] would not have participated in the relationship,” the affidavit states.

On Oct. 15, Buchanan was jailed for the online impersonation charge. She was released after posting $1,500 bond. Court records do not list an attorney for the defendant.


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11 years ago

OK, you gotta impersonate a Dr. to trick broads into sex on the internet. And I wasted all these years impersonating a pervert. I’m a dumb ass.

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