11 Hyper-realistic Sex Toys for Men to Keep Company During COVID-19 Quarantine

Apr 23, 2020
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Sex toy sales during the COVID-19 pandemic have soared with the needs of women and couples being the primary focus. But there something missing from the conversation: what about products made for men who are also sheltering-in-place?

To answer this question, the award-winning sexperts at Pipedream Products have put together a complete list of hyper-realistic sex toys made for men of all sexual orientations who are looking for something a little more “lifelike” to keep themselves company while quarantining.

“We are happy to support people who need relief from the stress so many of us are experiencing right now – all people,” said Pipedream Products Head of Marketing Shannon McCarty-Caplan. “Sex toys for men typically look very different than those for women but are equally as effective. It’s been great to see TV shows begin to normalize male sex toys and help remove the stigma some men feel about purchasing pleasure toys, like FXX’s new comedy series ‘Dave.’

“One of the innovations Pipedream Products has always been known for is Fanta Flesh®, a soft and supple material made to mimic the look and feel of real human skin,” says McCarty-Caplan. “We’ve used it in our popular love dolls, mega masturbators, and strokers for many years, and it’s no surprise these realistic sex simulators have caught the eye of men sheltering in place. Just like vibrators for women, they’re certainly not partner replacements, but they make great sex companions for guys who are social distancing and stuck at home.”

Here are 11 recommendations from Pipedream Products for men who have sex with women or men:

For men who have sex with women

1. Ultimate Fantasy Dolls – Mandy – $2,324.95
Standing at 5’4″, Mandy is sure to fulfill every fantasy with her realistic muscle definition, shruggable shoulders, sun-kissed freckles, and flexible hips. Her entire body is supported by a super-strong stainless-steel skeleton that features moveable and bendable joints just like a real woman! Pose her in any position you can think of, dress her in your favorite lingerie or bikini, spray your favorite perfume all over her, or simply cuddle with her while watching TV on the couch.


2. F*ck Me Silly 3 Mega Masturbator – as seen in FXX’s hit comedy Dave! $599.95
This mega masturbator is the most realistic and lifelike lower half of a woman ever developed. She is warm, super soft, and always ready for action with realistic curves and delicate feet. Every intricate detail is carefully molded after a super-cute super leggy model and makes it easy to experience the look and feel of partnered sex while staying safe at home.


3. PDX Elite Mega-Bator – $218.95
This unique automated stroker combines intense rotation with powerful piston-action thrusting for a hands-free experience. With three interchangeable entries, you can choose between openings shaped like a vagina, anus or mouth and literally pick your pleasure according to your mood. Inside, the powerful motor ensures strong, steady rotation and thrusting with an exclusive sleeve suspension system you can only find from Pipedream Products.


4. Sir Richard’s Control Intimate Therapy Extra Fresh Pussy Stroker $50.99
You want discreet? Tucked away inside a stealthy black plastic container – which looks just like a bottle of shampoo! – is a super-soft Fanta Flesh sleeve always ready for stroking duty. Use it in the shower or in your room and don’t stress if you forget to put it away, because this sex toy is in a clever disguise. Store this anywhere you’d normally keep your toiletries, and no one will be able to tell the difference!

5. PDX Elite Air Tight Pussy Stroker – $44.99
A lower-tech but high-pleasure option, this stroker is shaped like a vulva with a lifelike vaginal tunnel that grips and massages with every stroke and is enhanced with mind-blowing suction. Its super-smooth, lifelike Fanta Flesh interior sleeve is lined with massaging ribs, bumps, and pleasing textures that offer a variety of stimulating sensations, and if you want to take it slow, simply remove the suction control sticker and use your thumb to adjust levels manually. The Fanta Flesh interior sleeve is also removable for handheld pleasure.


6. Pipedream Extreme Sorority Snatch – $6.95
This one is a top seller thanks to its simple, compact shape and super-affordable price. This super-cute stroker is handheld and squeezable, letting you control the grip and speed, and the supple Fanta Flesh material looks and feels extra real. Its interior features textured ridges for enhanced sensations and its small shape makes it easy to store and hide from nosy (and probably envious) roommates.


For men who have sex with men:

7. Fuck Me Silly Dude! Mega Masturbator – $849.99
This stud is shaped with firm and supple Fanta Flesh and positioned lying down on his back, making it easy to play from multiple angles. His unique construction and lifelike (and huge) 8-inch penis assures he’s ready any and every time you want company. From his sexy washboard abs and ripped waistline to his pumped-up pecks, this mega masturbator is always ready to ride.


7. Fuck Me Silly Man! – $699.99
This mega masturbator is a one-of-a-kind shape and positioned on his knees, giving you access not only to an ever-ready 8-inch penis but also firm balls, chiseled thighs, and toned ass cheeks. Enjoy him from the front or back – every angle is as breathtaking to look at as it is to feel, because this guy was molded in the shape of a top male model! Whether you’re a top, bottom or switch, this masturbator fulfills your every need and makes it easy to explore fantasies from the privacy of your bedroom.


8. PDX Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator $200
The first interactive male masturbator that talks and moans with you! This unique masturbator offers an unforgettable sensory experience thanks to its motion activation, snug anal entry, built-in rechargeable hi-fi speaker, powerful micro bullet, and posable erect penis. Once you touch his lifelike skin, and hear his sexy voice, you won’t be able to hold back.

PDX Male Interactive Bad Boy Masturbator

9. PDX Male Reach Around Stroker $59.95
This handheld stroker delivers incredible pleasure combinations with a tight anal entry and realistic penis all in one. Created with ultra-soft Fanta Flesh material, the interior tunnel is snug and textured while the lifelike penis is squeezable, allowing for a secure grip and easy tension adjustment. Satisfy yourself while exploring partner play with this versatile stroker!

PDX Reach Around Stroker

10. Sir Richard’s Control Intimate Therapy Firm Hole Anal Stroker $45.95
Showers will never be the same! Discreetly disguised as an everyday shampoo bottle, this clever stroker is made from exclusive Fanta Flesh and feels just like the real thing. Unscrew the removable bottom lid of this secret stroker and enjoy a wet and wild solo stroke that no one will ever know about! Open the pop-top closure to allow more air into the stroking chamber or close the pop-top to create a super-tight vacuum for unbelievable suction action!


11. PDX Male Blow & Go Mega Stroker Clear – $29.95
This compact Fanta Flesh stroker is a lightweight squishy masturbator that fits comfortably in your hand and mimics the feel of anal sex. Its snug interior tunnel is enhanced with textured ridges for intense sensations and comes in a unique transparent tone so you can watch yourself as you pump and stroke for extra visual pleasure!


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