AEE 2015 Seminar Topics Announced

Sep 9, 2014
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Building on increased interest by attendees in the educational part of the schedule during January’s annual Adult Entertainment Expo, show organizers, similar with the Adult Novelty Expo, taking place concurrently at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, have decided to expand the schedule of offerings, which include both seminars and workshops.

To that end, the following topics will be placed on the AEE schedule, which runs Jan. 21-24, 2015. They have been carefully prepared in an effort to reflect current issues and preoccupations in the industry, with a serious eye to helping both companies and individuals flourish in our ever-evolving industry.

If there is a theme to be found in this year’s selections, it might be the empowerment of the performer, whohowever they are gender-configuredhas at their his/her/they disposal more tools and opportunities than ever before, both within and outside the bounds of the traditional industry hierarchy. Putting a spotlight on that is a long-time coming, and duly observed this year.

The actual schedule has the AEE seminars compacted into tight daily groups of three concurrent one-hour sessions: Monday, January 21, 2015, they take place between 3pm-6pm. Tuesday, Jan. 21, and Wednesday, Jan. 23, they take place from 1pm-4pm. Only Saturday, Jan. 24, has one seminar on the schedule, from 12pm-1pm.


There will also be a handful of highly targeted workshops on the AEE 2015 schedule, to be announced at a later date.

Seminars and their descriptions, which can also be found here, are as follows:

How to Develop an Effective Social Engagement Strategy
Everyone knows that a company needs to be active on social media networks. But effective social media strategies are developed differently for adult entertainment companies than they are for mainstream ones. Also, the requirements that social networks place on adult entities can change frequently and with no notice, making it necessary for adult companies to develop strategies that are nimble, current and innovative. Helping you understand how to develop and implement such a strategy is what this seminar is all about.

Mass Appeal: How to Design and Execute a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
Crowdfunding successfully is not easy, and it is especially challenging for adult projects, which have been discriminated against by some platforms. This seminar is designed to help you know how to design a viable project, devise a workable campaign and find the right platform for your needs. Bring your questions. This type of seminar only gets better with attendee participation.

Legal Update: Perspectives on a Changing World
Legally, there is as much to review as we head into 2015 as there has been during any recent year, and maybe more. Whether you are in production, distribution, or both, if you are into as many side-lines as you can muster, and especially if you are talent looking to control your own destiny, the world has been changing quickly, with laws either keeping pace or not. Either way, however, as the very structure of adult entertainment changes, you need to be up to speed with legal developments.

Demographically Speaking Is There An Audience For Your Porn?
Understanding who your audience is, always a prerequisite for master marketers of adult content, is even more important in a world in which the targeting and successful delivery and conversion of online, mobile and social media-derived traffic has become an art form of sorts, as well as the potential maker or breaker of companies. This seminar is about the proper marketing of content as well as the content itself.

Creating the Ultimate Erotic Experience: Mastering the Use of Live, Virtual and Pre-recorded Content
This seminar will explore the many ways that live and virtual content are being used in tandem with pre-recorded content to create increasingly immersive and potentially mind-blowing erotic experiences for people around the world, with the prospect of huge monetary rewards for those who master the creation of these experiences. Even smaller players with vibrant imaginations can make their mark in this area, making this seminar a must-attend for anyone determined to define the future of adult entertainment.

How to Survive Google (and Other Unavoidable Mainstream Monoliths)
This is not as obscure a seminar as it may seem, and you do not have to be an SEO expert to gain from the information that will be presented during this hour-long conversation about how to be an adult company in a mainstream world. In the old days, adult was more self-contained, but in the new digital age it’s hard to completely avoid some sort of dependence on the Googles and Facebooks of the world, not to mention banking institutions! This is about successfully maneuvering those often shark-infested waters.

One in a Million: Developing an Irresistible (and Lucrative) Live Cam Personality
Live cam operators have always known that diversity is key to success, and that original cam performers can succeed beyond their wildest dreams. It’s the rest of the world that is finally catching on to the limitless opportunities available to a performer, even in a market that is increasingly crowded. Indeed, if there is any area of adult entertainment where a performer has more hands-on control to decide exactly what his or her audience will experience, it is the live cammer. That’s fun but also scary. This seminar will help lessen the fear, and focus the mind.

Comic-Con Crossover: Are You Engaged?
To be sure, there is something fanatical about Comic-Con and the people who populate it, but make no mistake, the so-called alternative expo is a juggernaut of content promotion and mega-branding of projects, companies and stars for an ever-increasing array of platforms and media, including adult. The question is, do you really have to dress up funny to take part in it? This seminar will bring together Comic-Con pros who also happen to be adult pros to talk about the opportunities and challenges that come with the Comic-Con Crossover paradigm.

Empowering the Performer: How to Be Your Own Boss
This seminar is designed to empower individual performers, who have at their disposal more opportunities to control their professional destiny than at any time in the past. The discussion will include live cams, which have their own seminar, but also webmastering, the feature circuit and live phone sex/chat, as well as more traditional adult entertainment work. The subject of representation will also be addressed by professionals who’ve been there and done it.

A Primer on Scene Direction & Production
Making features is all well and fine, but isn’t porn really all about the individual scene? While that may have always been true to an extent, in the new reality where millions of people can only carve out time to watch a scene on the go, catching their attention with the perfectly realized scene is even more crucial. At this seminar we’ll hear from many expert creators of short-form porn, so bring your most creative ideas to kick around.

The expanded AEE seminar schedule not only addresses salient issues, but provides more exposure for companies and individuals as well as new ways to network. It also creates a host of creative exhibit and sponsorship opportunities. For more information on these, contact

Early Bird registration for AEE 2015 is available now here. Two registration packages are currently available to attendees. The Expo Plus Pass ($120) includes access to all exhibits (AEE & ANE), as well as all seminars and workshops and the keynote presentation. The All Access Pass ($200) includes entry to all of the above, plus access to all official parties.

Please note that these are special summer rates that will be raised on Oct 15, 2015.
Attendees can still book rooms at the official event hotel, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas. Room rates start at $99/night.

Trade Attendees can book rooms here.

For sales info, email or call (818) 718-5788.

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