Alex Jett Calls Out The Shitheads Over at Motley Models

Mar 22, 2022
Adult Business
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When Motley isn’t busy sucking XBIZ dick,  getting certain “media” people laid, they spend a majority of their time trying to convince the porn world they are a “popular and legitimate” porn agency.

I divide agencies into 2 tiers, Mark Spiegler, and everyone else. They’re no contracts with Spiegler, that should be all you need to know. If Mark acted like the idiots at Motley, every year he would put out a PR that says:

Riley Ried, Abella Danger, Angela White, Still Spiegler girls!

Then drop the mic and have George count the bag of cash.

The complaints about Motley have been piling up, from the XBIZ scandal, to the way they treat talent, I largely ignore them because they don’t do anything most of the other Tier 2 agencies don’t do… But since Alex laid this out, using terrific grammar, as well as an Oxford comma or 2, I decided to run it

ryan kona

Jack Spade disciple Ryan. Looks tough.

On January 15th 2022, at 8:43am I sent a Text to Mark at ATMLA who at the time was my agent that I needed to talk to him when he had a chance.

At 8:53am Mark texted he was available. At 8:54am I called Mark and talked to him for approximately 2 mins. On this phone call I asked him to cancel an upcoming scene he had booked with Reality Kings as a BGG where I was the male talent with one of the talents being Katie Kush that was scheduled for January 17th, and to be let out of my contract as I was done working as talent in front of the camera and was going to do production full time. Mark told me it was no problem at all, he would cancel the scene for me as well as take me off the website which he did immediately.

On January 23rd at 2:03pm I received a text from Ryan at Motley Models saying I owed a kill fee of $200 for canceling the scene with Katie Kush on the 17th. I called him at 2:04pm and our conversation lasted around a minute before he angrily hung up on me. In this phone conversation he explained that she was currently on a plane to LA and when she landed she was informed the scene was canceled and would have to fly home, causing her financial damage. I said that I had canceled 48 hours prior to the scene and had made the decision to stop performing in front of the camera, so I would not be paying a kill fee. He yelled that since I wouldn’t pay the kill fee of $200 an upcoming scene I had booked with one of the talent he represents which he canceled before hanging up on me. On the 16th Katie Kush was still in Detroit. Which later Ryan admits.

What follows is in text form with all images sent to Ryan including all receipts that I canceled the scene the morning of the 15th. One of the things it shows early on is that he claims he wasn’t informed the scene was canceled until the 16th, when I had told Mark to cancel it on the 15th, and he later confirmed in text that he did cancel it on the 15th. So if Ryan was going to go after anyone, for a kill fee; it would be Reality Kings. His ego seems to be blocking him from admitting he was going after the wrong person and he doubled down on attacking me

I could be totally wrong but I don’t think the California Agency Board recognizes kill fees, or potential extortion. I’m sorry to any Motley talent who I won’t be booking because Katie Kush decided to force a kill fee for a Mindgeek scene that I was involved in.

This is my public statement to let any talent who is represented by Motley why I unfortunately will be unable to book you. If you would like to change that I strongly suggest you talk to Ryan and let him know that starting fights with producers and canceling scenes on behalf of other talent he represents is not in your best interest.

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2 years ago

Princess, whose dick do YOU suck?

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant
1 year ago


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