An ‘Islamically Approved’ Sex Shop Reportedly Opening in Mecca

Apr 22, 2015
Sex Talk
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Mecca, cradle of Islam and home of the largest annual pilgrimmage in the world, is the beacon of piety to which all Muslims bow five times daily in prayer — and it’s also about to get its first sex shop.



Alyaoum24 reports that the Saudi Arabian city will soon be host to a halal adult store that will be permitted to sell “Islamically approved” sex toys and other sensual stimulants catered to meet Muslims’ religious ordinances on sex.

Behind the push to spice up Mecca’s sex life is a man by the name of Abdelaziz Aouragh who owns the “Sharia compliant” sex store in Amsterdam upon which the Meccan version will be modeled after.

According to the company’s website, “El Asira puts women on a pedestal without embarrassing them. In our vision women deserve respect, so we communicate with them in a subtle and elegant way.”

Aouragh says, “The sexual life of many couples focuses on coitus without taking the time to please each other either because of a lack of time or because of fatigue.” By emphasizing sensuality he hopes through El Asira “to be able to build bridges. Not only between the East and West, but more importantly, between man and woman.”

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