Anti-Porner Donny Pauling Implicates Cop Under Arrest for Child Abuse in Jailhouse Interview

Dec 18, 2014
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TRPWL has been covering the weird and gross story of the sex crime charges against anti-porn crusader Donny Pauling, an associate of Gail Dines and Shelley Lubben, and, as AVN has put it perfectly, the story is getting stranger by the day.

Wednesday, the former small-time porn photographer and producer turned preacher claimed in an interview at Colusa County Jail that “Sutter County Sheriff’s Captain Lewis McElfresh Jr. urged him to have sex with a 16-year-old girl.

Sutter County Sheriff’s Captain Lewis McElfresh Jr.

Sutter County Sheriff’s Captain Lewis McElfresh Jr.

McElfresh Jr was a well-respected member of the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, but is now under arrest for child abuse.

Pauling’s jailhouse interview —

Pauling says he and McElfresh were friends, and claims that one night McElfresh asked him over, then tried to get Pauling to have sex with the captain’s 16-year-old family member.

“He kept on pressuring me to try to do it, and I just kept saying, ‘no, I’m not going to do it,’” said Pauling. “I came over to his house and he tried to get me to sleep with her. He said to me that she wanted to sleep with me” .

He says McElfresh got the underage girl to undress.

Shore: “And what’s McElfresh doing?”

Pauling: “Well, he was watching.”

Shore: “Are you telling me that Captain McElfresh tried to watch you and his family member have sex?”

Pauling: “Yes, that’s what he wanted that night.”

Yuba City police have charged McElfresh with child abuse or failing to prevent child abuse. They have not confirmed the details of the case.

Pauling swears he did not touch the girl and denied the advances — something it appears law enforcement don’t believe.

“He took me off into a room and told me to keep my mouth shut,” Pauling said.

McElfresh was originally supposed to be transported to the Colusa County Jail because he is the commander of the Sutter County Jail. Instead, he was booked into the Yolo County Jail because Pauling is at the Colusa County Jail.

McElfresh’s bail is set at $5 million. According to the Sutter County district attorney, there could be more charges against McElfresh. A number of sources within the law enforcement community in the Yuba-Sutter community confirmed something Pauling confirmed himself.

As AVN noted, Thursday:

Pauling, 41, who was originally held in the Sutter County jail, was transferred to the Colusa County Jail after additional charges were pressed against him last week that alleged he had engaged in sex with an underage relative of a then-unidentified employee of the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office. That allegation was told to investigators by a 16-year-old female who Pauling had allegedly been having sex with since she was 13, which precipitated his arrest in the first place.

Following McElfresh’s arrest Tuesday after allegations were levied against him on Monday that he, too, had abused an underage female, who police would only identify as a relative over the age of 14, it seems likely that the underage female both Pauling and McElfresh are alleged to have abused is the same person.

More on this story to come.

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8 years ago

More came out on this story today. They allege that the cop was masturbating while watching Donny f*** the teen relative.

Let’s just lay it out like it is: Porn is cleaner and more moral than the business, friendships and resulting mess in his life since becoming born again. He should have stayed in the porn business and built a cleaner lifestyle.


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