APAC & FSC Square Off In PR Battle

Nov 1, 2017
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Up until last week, I never really had any issues with either of these groups,  but when both groups came out in support of SB239, a bill lowering the crime of knowingly exposing a sexual partner to HIV without first disclosing one’s status from a felony to a misdemeanor, I was more then pissed. Both acted like it was for the betterment of porn, even though I’ve yet to see anyone in porn outside of APAC and FSC support it..

Now, I know, as do others, that APAC and FSC have never really gotten along, while I’m not going to get into why, I can say FSC for the most isn’t to blame..

So when FSC sent out a PR about performer safety, I knew it wouldn’t be long before APAC did..The PR battle has been going on for awhile, one sends out a Press Release, then not wanting to be out shined, the other follows suit..

Neither was sent to me, I removed myself from the FSC list as I never seemed to get FSC emails in a timely fashion, like my gmail purposely deleted FSC PR’s but not James “content trade” Bartholet’s.. APAC, who by the way uses a mailing list supplied by me, somehow removed me from my own list…LOL go figure

Both PRs are nothing more then lip service

From APAC:

“We acknowledge that too often stigma, shame, and systemic failures have hindered performers from speaking out about sexual harassment,” APAC said. “We aim to challenge the stigma, behaviors and complicity that compromise workplace safety, as well as develop a healthy, supportive community of performers.

“Adult film is a unique and challenging industry to navigate. Non-consent does not belong in our industry or any industry. The norm should not be that victims of harassment and assault feel silenced by the power dynamics and stigma that make the adult industry difficult to navigate.

The group said that it will take the efforts of the entire adult entertainment community to evolve to better protect its workers against non-consent, pressure, coercion, assault and violence.

“To dismantle the societal stigma that hurts those who are marginalized and vulnerable, it will take effort from directors, producers, agents, production members, performers and civilian allies,” the group said.

From the FSC PR:

“Over the past several weeks, several adult film performers have joined the #metoo campaign, drawing attention to sexual harassment and assault. Their experiences — of physical assault, non-consent and sexual pressure — have upset and angered us as members of the community.

“Stigma, doubt, and shame keep those who endure assault and harassment from first coming forward with their stories, and then again from being believed. In a society that routinely disregards the voices and experiences of sex workers, stories told by adult performers face added hurdles.

“We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, for those in the bleachers: Just because an adult performer makes a living with their body, does not mean that anyone — not a co-star, not a colleague, not a lover, not a fan, not a director, not an agent, not a doctor — has any right to it that the performer doesn’t grant freely and enthusiastically. Sex work is real work, and as an industry, there can be no tolerance or shelter for those who would harass, pressure, coerce, touch or otherwise assault an adult worker. No one waives their right to consent just because they’ve worked in adult film, or have appeared naked, or are eager to book a shoot, or have contracted to do a film, or had sex with someone previously, or work in a sex-related industry. To assume otherwise is not only wrong, it’s criminal.

Those are some big scary words…

Truth is, if FSC and APAC actually cared about what was REALLY is going on, they would do more then send out PR’s and push personal agendas.

FSC and APAC both say they’re committed to stopping sexual assault. Which to me is defined by either sex by force, or making a girl think she has to fuck you to get ahead, so how exactly are they committed? No one really knows

APAC has a stamp of approval, but when you look at their list, there are 2 people who have been accused of assault multiple times listed???

About 5 months ago, I suggested to FSC they write up some sort of blog about unlicensed agents and contracts.. As far as whats valid and whats not. Almost all the assault claims, whether it be sexually or physically come from girls accusing their unlicensed agents..

I have girls complaining to me weekly and each has the same story, I signed a contract, when I tell them their agents isn’t licensed and the contract isn’t valid, they swear up and down he is, one even told me ” I watched him print up his license off his laptop”  LOL

If you’re looking for a list of Licensed agents, you won’t find it on either FSC or APACs site. Not a very hard list to keep up with either..

Just that simple list, with the steps on voiding an unlicensed agents contract or the legality of it,  would surely keep at least ONE girl from falling victim to Plush Talents of the world..

This shit isn’t a fucking secret, they’re are rapist out there calling themselves agents, pr companies, directors, talent, and private security.  Fuck man, at some point you can’t be silent anymore, you have to put away public perception and take a fucking stand.  Or move out out the way and let someone else do it…

I have yet to hear anyone get called out publicly by FSC or APAC..  They just send out a PR and either condemn something or stand behind whatever the flavor topic of the month is..

Oh its black history month, lets PR how we hate racism in porn…

I don’t expect APAC to ever really call anyone out, most of them are mid-level performers and would certainly loose bookings if they said the wrong thing.. FSC, is on a completely different mission, and as much as I like Eric, porn aint it…

So here we are, with the 2 groups that are charged with leading the adult industry, and the most people have gotten up to this point is some perfectly SEO’d PRS…

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Derek Hay
Derek Hay
6 years ago

Well written – to the point and on the money, good research and observation – this is the truth of the matter – that no one else gets to, kudos to the author on this one.

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