APAC VP Lasha Lane Endangering the Lives Of Performers? #Covid #NoTest #KillingMopes

Dec 4, 2020
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This is one of those Lasha posts that’s only happening because of Lasha. You would think at some point, the idiots at APAC would tell her to shut the fuck up. But since they’re scared of her, I get to make fun of her.

Once again, TRPWL is minding his own business, doing cool TRPWL stuff, when out of the blue, Lasha tweets at me. I don’t see it right away, but eventually, a screen cap makes it’s way to me:


Wait what? Next parody? Was there a previous parody ? So I begin to go through her timeline and see this gem:

My mind started racing. Lasha does porn? Is Lasha gonna make a TRPWL parody?  The same chick who when not helping Sinnamon Love steal from unsuspecting porn people spends her time DMing me telling me “I’m nobody” is now wanting to parody me? Where did Lasha get money from? A BIPOC Micro Grant? Ahh yes of course.

So the super popular APAC VP sends out a casting call, after weeding through what was probably 1000’s of applicants. Let’s see who won the right to play the 6’2″ 241 pound TRPWL:

Tommy Trix

LOL.  A 140 pound twink from OC who doesn’t even have his own IAFD page.

I wonder if Lasha thought that shooting a parody of TRPWL that NO one would see would some how upset me? Nope.

You know what does upset me Lasha? The VP Of APAC shooting content without a valid Covid test, endangering the lives of porn professionals who just want to live.  I mean California just went into lockdown mode again, but here’s Lasha and her twink shooting a “parody” without a care in the world.

According to TTS, Lasha’s last Covid test was November 17th, and her panel expired a couple days ago.  Which explains why she was in such a hurry to get her latest “parody” shot. Even better, the twink doesn’t even show up in PASS/TTS, in either of his twink names.

Lasha, do you even understand the gravity of the Covid situation? XBIZ drunk Colin Rountree knows of the perils of being a spreader:

Those are mass graves Lasha. What If you infected the twink, his little 140 pound body wouldn’t hold up to the killing machine that is Covid.  Poor little guy then goes and infects the other mopes. Soon there will be a mope shortage and for what?  Mopes are an integral part of porn, and you’re going around trying to kill them.

All this begs the question, How can APAC preach to everyone about being safe, when its OWN VP is shooting without what appears to be a valid Covid test…

Who cares though. At least with Lasha in it, it already has more minorities than an Axel Braun parody POW BOOM BANG WINNING.

I cant wait to see it.

Oh NO, say it isn’t so.

So the twink is now blog fodder, possibly infected with the RONA, and you didn’t get it on camera…



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Mopes R People Too
Mopes R People Too
3 years ago

Not sure if I should laugh are say this post is sort of homophobic/ I think i will laugh. Thankful for you trying to save the mopes LOL

Trump Won
Trump Won
3 years ago

So she and him just f*cked, no filming?

Lashas Stomach
Lashas Stomach
3 years ago

I see she’s finally shut the fuck up

Trump Won, Stop The Steal
Trump Won, Stop The Steal
3 years ago
Reply to  Lashas Stomach

Spoke too soon

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