Ashley Sinclair: Healthy Eating Habits

Jan 16, 2016
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’ve been asked many times, “What should I be doing in the gym to look like your?” Usually they’re talking about body fat or how lean I usually keep my body. While I do train in the gym 5-7 hours per week, the secret is in what I do in the kitchen. Im going to expand  on what you put into your body in future articles,  but today I’m going to talk about what you shouldn’t be putting in you.
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Rule #1: If it didn’t grow in the ground, swim in the sea, or walk around on the earth ….. it’s processed food and you shouldn’t eat it. It doesn’t mean you CAN’T eat it and it doesn’t mean everything that grows or swims or walks around is safe and healthy. A good thing to ask yourself, however, is did God make this or did man make it. If man made it, you should really think twice about eating it. Like everything in life, moderation will help. For example, I have a cheat meal (when Im not preparing for a fitness competition) and I will sometimes have pizza or pasta, etc. These things are not a part of my regular die though.
Rule #2: Time is everything when eating and trying to maintain a lean body. There is a misconception that anyone with low body-fat is anorexic or “needs to go eat a cheeseburger.” The truth is, I eat as many calories as many men that I know. The difference is I know when to eat and what to eat and I determine these things based on my goals at that time. I am a fitness competitor competing on the national level. We all go to extremes when prepping for a competition. What and when I eat leading up to something like that is very different than when and what I eat at other times. Before I could name off when and what you should eat exactly would depend on your individual goals. One thing on my “to-do” list this year is begin coaching adult performers, models, and anyone else who could benefit from it on their training and eating habits. Be on the lookout for that!
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Rule #3: This one should be obvious and it is where most people start. Portions. How much you are putting in your body can have a massive impact on gaining or losing weight. This is especially true if you aren’t getting the amount of physical activity that you need. I see it every day. People become inactive, eat too much of the wrong things, and do it at the worst possible times. This is a no brainer though. If you eat more calories than you burn…. you aren’t going to have the body you want! I’m already working on an article for you that targets portions and caloric intake,
In conclusion, my diet at this point is down to a science. I have trainers, prep coaches, nutritionists and my sports medicine practitioner who have assisted me in dialing in the what I should eat, the exact amount of what I need, and when to eat it. While most people will never need to do it at this level, it is important to not only how your body looks… but your health. I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you through this column in 2016!
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