ATMLA Owner Responds To ‘Unethical’ Blogger’s ‘Deliberate and Personal Attacks’; Demands Retraction

Oct 10, 2014
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Friday morning on adult site GFY, Mark Schechter, owner of talent agency ATMLA, posted a response to the false claims posted by a failed talent agent and rumor monger in Georgia.

Mark Schechter -- ATMLA Owner Responds To 'Unethical' Blogger's 'Deliberate and Personal Attacks'; Demands Retraction

Mark Schechter

I have gathered my thoughts over the past few days and decided to respond to the deliberate and personal attacks on myself and on my business entity known as ATMLA as recently reported on

First, I would like to thank all of you who have reached out to me directly as well on GFY with your support and reiteration of my character as many of you have known me and my wife for many years as peers, business associates, and friends.

Secondly, in concert with a direct message to Mike South via email, I am publicly requesting to Mike South that the 3 most recent posts as reported on be REMOVED….

In response to the numerous false statements reported, I would like to publicly state the following;

For the past 30 years of my life, I have been an entrepreneur, a passive investor, and a financial risk taker, all of which carry a risk of financial impact that could potentially result in bankruptcies, liens and judgments as was the case with me in the early 1990’s, I lost a tremendous amount of assets in real estate, as well as losing a tremendous amount of money with involvement in gambling as I was involved in the casino industry for close to 20 years dating back to 1980. Hence, being that 20+ years have passed since those financial issues occurred, I had no problem securing a surety bond to cover my agency license.

In direct response to the claims publicly posted……

I have no idea who ESTELLE HENRY is and I am certainly not using his SSN.

I most certainly have a CA driver’s license, which has never been suspended or taken away for 40 years and counting.

I have 5 phones in my name, 1 for myself, 1 for my wife, and 3 for 3 of my 5 children.

Over the past 56 years of my life, I have lived in approximately 10 addresses. However, I have owned several pieces of investment properties that potentially show as residences.

I have 3 vehicles all registered in my name.

The 5 criminal records reported are all traffic related citations that appear in a background check comingled as “Criminal/Traffic Records”

Regarding my status with LATATA, being that this is an ongoing situation, I choose to keep the particulars confidential at this time, however, I will state that there was never any vote that resulted in ATMLA being declared a non-member of LATATA. I anticipate that my status will soon be reinstated.

As far as not abiding by any LATATA guidelines, again keeping particulars confidential, I will state that ATMLA’s billing practices and performer rates are no different than the majority of LATATA members, there may certainly be some differences in how non-shoot related expenses are calculated and accessed, but I will go on record to state that ATMLA is directly in line with the majority of LATATA agencies, and in many cases much less in regards to non-shoot related expenses. I would have no issues with anyone’s challenge to this with an invitation to reciprocate in an open books audit.

In regards to any of ATMLA’s represented talent “not liking” myself, or claims of “strong arming for lower rates”, and harassment in the model house: as with all cases of a population of people all involved with one person, it’s rare to find that 100% of that population “likes” that one person, but I am fairly certain that the vast majority of ATMLA’s talent population do “like” me, but managing a porn agency isn’t about being “liked”, it’s about business, and again, I am fairly certain the vast majority very much enjoy and appreciate my style of business.

Regarding claims of performers having to drop rates by half or more, this is totally absurd, ATMLA’s policy with performers rates are directly in line with the majority of the LATATA agencies.

Last but not least, the claim of offering an exchange of sex for the $300 cost of photos. I am extremely proud to go on record and state that in my 16 years and counting of involvement in the adult industry, I have never crossed the line of infidelity to my wife of 12 years, who is very well known and loved amongst many people in the industry. We have always represented ourselves in the industry as a pair, and for someone to make such false accusations and for Mike South to post is simply unethical and morally wrong.

In closing, I again ask Mike South to remove the 3 posts referred to here, feel free to post newsworthy facts such as a pending LATATA membership issue, but I request substantiated facts and not ridiculous falsehood statements. My request for removal are directly related to my desire to not have my wife and my 5 children, grandchildren and family to be victims of collateral damage that is caused with such unethical and morally wrong false accusations.


Morally bankrupt blogger and failed talent agent Mike South

Morally bankrupt blogger and failed talent agent Mike South

Some responses to Mark’s offer, and thoughts from the adult online community re: the gossip blogger, in the GFY thread:








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ATMLA Owner Responds To ‘Unethical’ Blogger’s ‘Deliberate and Personal Attacks’; Demands Retraction | The Rob Black Website
9 years ago

[…] ATMLA Owner Responds To ‘Unethical’ Blogger’s ‘Deliberate and Personal Attacks'; Demands Ret… […]

9 years ago

Here is a question Im sure someone has asked but I don’t see anyone talking about. If all of the LATATA agencies are all about following the rules then how is it that Shy Love is able to open a competing agency at all? I’m sure that Mark had her sign a non compete contract so why isn’t LATATA enforcing said non-compete if one does in fact exist? Seems to me that if LATATA is so upstanding and supposed to be for the greater good of the industry they would be forcing Shy Love to get bonded and Licensed just… Read more »

9 years ago
Reply to  TRPWL

Isn ‘t South/Strother banned from GFY ??

9 years ago

It is my understanding, and has been my experience as well (though certainly someone with appropriate legal experience may correct what I am about to write as I am not a lawyer but have been invlolved in similiar scenarios) that general non-compete agreements are particularly difficult for anyone to actually enforce. That without a legal agreement that specifies down to the minutest of details exactly what each party can and cannot participate in for a set period of time (and this still cannot cover direct or indirect “business investment”) then a non-compete clause is essentially worthless. Also, even in the… Read more »

9 years ago

I wish Shy would have broken her leg and been put down before the Belmont Stakes. I was really rooting for that other horse to get the triple crown.

Pimpin In Atlanta
Pimpin In Atlanta
9 years ago

Ol’ “Often Wrong” South really needs to stop using pornstars as his informants. I know it probably gives him the sense of importance he’s clearly lacking, but when he listens to the likes of Shy Love and Alana Evans he ends up looking like a bigger asshole.

Porn Jerk
Porn Jerk
9 years ago

All of this proves South got what he wanted, free publicity. So he lives with his mother, has few assets worth attaching, and yanks the chains of those in the industry as pay back for rejecting him so completely. He does this while charging local losers in GA to have sex with the skanks he hires for his shoots and many of you fall for the scam. Being attacked by the likes of South should be viewed as a badge of honor, his failure at everything he’s done in life amplified by how shitty he treats people that don’t recognize… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Porn Jerk

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