Aurora Snow and Gauge: TRPWL Staffer Turns Fanboi SFW

Jun 25, 2012
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Aurora Snow and Gauge

On Saturday night Center City Philadelphia hosted a tremendously entertaining show. No, it wasn’t Aziz Ansari at the Merriam Theater or The Philadelphia Orchestra at the Academy of Music. It was Aurora Snow and Gauge working the pole and the audience at The Gold Club… The Gold Club is on a small side street in the midst of theaters, shops and restaurants. The last of the Center City strip clubs, it is an intimate environment to see a feature dance show, just arrive early so you can get a seat. The staff was friendly, the local dancers were very nice quality, and the beer came quickly and cold. Even the other patrons were all friendly and talkative.

Aurora Snow and Gauge

Aurora Snow and Gauge

Aurora came out first and quickly brought a fan on stage to dance with her. Luckily the guy had some moves, so he held his own and the crowd came alive. She then got down to her high heels and panties to give the crowd what they came for. After over 500 scenes, and 10+ years in the business, she looked pretty damn good on stage, and that isn’t the beer goggles talking, because I was still sober at that point.

Later in the night, Gauge took the stage, in a sequined school girl outfit. She was the one that had my curiosity piqued, as I haven’t seen or heard much of anything about Gauge since her retirement, from shooting scenes. I certainly was not disappointed that I drove an hour to the Gold Club to see her in person. She still has that hot little body with the perfect boobs and butt. During her time on the stage, she did a contest to see which member of the audience could do the most push ups with her on their back. 23 was the number that won the DVD.

To close out the night, Aurora Snow and Gauge performed together, writhing around the stage with each other as the alcohol fueled fans cheered and threw dollars. The girls then had fans lay down on the stage, for $5 a guy, to get some rapid fire grinding in. I guess it was their lap dance substitute. When that ended, they did another round at the gimmick table, chatting with fans, taking pictures and selling DVDs.

Aurora and Gauge are interested in booking more shows in the PA/NJ/NY area. If you are interested in bringing them to your club, contact them via Twitter MissAuroraSnow?? and Gauge. While I spoke with them, I asked Gauge if she was planning to shoot any new scenes. She replied that she might for her website, at which point I crumbled into full on fan boy and pleaded for something in HD. We will have to wait and see.


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10 years ago

I like how your guy positioned himself so you can’t see his face in the mirrors.

Fake Mike South
Fake Mike South
10 years ago

Consumed with anal? He must use a lot of lube. hee hee.

Fake Gene Ross
Fake Gene Ross
10 years ago

I was going to attend the show, but when checking my cards, I pulled the Fifth of Gin, so I was unable to drive. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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