Author M.Wheeler Launches New Illustrated Short Story, …Preceded by Chaos Vol. 0

Dec 6, 2016
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Author M. Wheeler announces the release of the first installment of his illustrated short story …Preceded by Chaos Vol. 0, an intoxicating and often manic account of the two friends’ bumpy trip across Europe to find two former partners in crime.lobookcover

Wheeler’s tale sets forth when the author’s protagonist, Dr. Mitchell Weaver, tries to reconnect with his old medical school buddies when a past scandal – with serious legal implications – threatens to resurface… “unauthorized access to pharmacy stores, blackmail and worse, connecting back to our time studying… the dragnet had closed enough that the only suspects left were us.”

Vol. 0 represents the first chapter in a series loosely based in part on Wheeler’s own freewheeling life experiences as well as stories experienced by colleagues; a druggy mix of powerful exposition and dynamic sequential illustrations that lures you into its shadowy world where Mitchell finally realizes that many of his prior indulgences and vices no longer suit his current life of responsibility.

The premise of the series is to follow Mitchell – starting from Volume 0 – back in time to his youthful ‘chaotic’ years (in the upcoming Book of Chaos), then flash-forward to his transformation into an evolved, conscientious man (Book of Changes).

According to Wheeler, the series’ short-format stories are designed to “satisfy the love of reading for people who won’t commit to reading a novel”, while collaborator Brian Bicknell’s illustrations impressively serve to “enhance the story and help move the plot,” adding “I wanted to fuse the beauty of the illustrations in the graphic novel with the depth of character, thought and emotion found written in the story.”

…Preceded by Chaos is available now at, and Books-A-Million.


M. Wheeler is an author with a flair for exploring the dark side of the human condition. A childhood fan of comic book heroes and sketch art, writing was the perfect outlet to allow both passions to co-exist during his early educational years. Those heroes inspired his first short story series, Preceded by Chaos and the upcoming Books of Chaos and Books of Changes. .

After a slew of twenty-something jobs – UPS loader, studio engineer, drywall installer, mover, scientist, bartender, server, teacher and assistant buyer – Wheeler decided to attend medical school at age 30, enrolling at Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University in New York City and performing his residency as an emergency physician.

Wheeler writes about highs, lows and personal breakthroughs through the eyes of Dr. Mitchell Weaver, going back in time to his early carefree years (Chaos), then swinging forward to his future as a responsible adult (Changes).

A perfect example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, M. Wheeler’s stories are a few reasons why reading opens up a world of infinite possibility.

Media Contact: Brian S. Gross, BSG PR, 818-340-4422.

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