Beware: APAG Leaders Support Most Of #Prop60 #AmberLynn

Aug 13, 2016
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For the last few days, members of the APAG (Adult Performers Actor Guild – an offshoot of IEAU), have been acting as though THEY are the reason the Union stamp of approval was removed from the voter’s guide. While FSC and Legal did need affidavits from members of the union, APAG was simply just a spoke on the wheel.. .

Instead of patting themselves on the back, they should be apologizing to everyone since they (APAG) could have stopped this before it began.

The Union (IEAU), and everything attached to it (including APAG), has been a cluster fuck from Day 1. A bunch of washed up, power hungry scam artists are pretending to care about the Adult Industry, an industry that has moved on without them.. Phyllisha Anne , Amber Lynn, and Bill Margold are all first rate fuck ups..

Weeks ago, Union founder Phyllisha Anne signed on to back AHF’s Prop60. As most of you have heard in the recorded phone calls, she took the money and admitted as much to other union members.. Luckily, FSC (Free Speech Coalition), and its attorneys, were able to get IEAU’s approval of Prop60 removed from the voters pamphlet.

Several people connected with the Union have told me that information from AHF was being sent directly to Phyllisha Anne and others long before she signed onto Prop60.  If I was one of the fraudulently elected Union/APAG board members and a person who had no official capacity to act on the unions behalf was getting emails, faxes, letters or whatever from AHF, I’d be like WTF?

If I was a fraudulently elected union official and member after member had the same issues with the same person over and over and over, I’d be like WTF ?

But NO, Phyllisha Anne continued to wield complete control of the Union, continued to negotiate with AHF, and when some of the wiser members of the Union asked her to stop taking 1:1 meetings with key people in the Prop60 fight, she did it anyway. Was she removed, shunned, or looked at sideways? No, it was business as usual..  When Phyllisha finally signed on the Prop60 dotted line, it wasn’t a surprise..

What did APAG do?  Nothing, they held a little vote and decided to stay neutral.  APAG members knew she signed on before it was made public, they could of outed her as a fraud and controlled the news cycle putting AHF and Phyllisha on the defensive. Instead they played catch-up and got their asses handed to them in the press..

The reality of it is this: most of APAG members support almost all of Prop60. Apparently, most of them were too stupid to read it and allegedly let one member sway them into a neutral stance.  It wasn’t until the judge ruled that performers and married couples could be sued for condomless sex that a couple neutrals changed to ‘NO’.

Using a free dictionary, I was able to look at the Prop60 proposal and determine who could be sued, but these morons couldn’t!? WTF?!


Even better, to this day, Union President Sean Michaels has not publicly said NoProp60, nor has Amber Lynn.. I know what your saying, ‘why does it matter?’ FSC doesn’t have AHF money, to defeat this measure, it will take every girl, guy, and company constantly retweeting #NoProp60 info to try and reach as many California voters as possible.. Go look at Amber and Sean’s timelines.. Amber couldn’t care less and maybe Sean’s net is turned off. These people wanna be Industry leaders, but they’re fucking failures..

Then there’s Melissa Hill, after me prodding Alana in an email, she finally came out and said she was against Prop60 ONLY because of the aiding and abetting part of it..She’s the 2nd VP and she wants condoms, in between her 2 NoOnProp60 tweets, she’s been attacking porn girls who don’t agree with her, as well as production guys and fans… But to her credit, she has found the time to re-tweet AHF’s condom account, and Phyllisha Anne. Huh??  Yea, Miss NoOnProp60 is actively promoting the person who took money to fuck over the Adult Industry, as well as AHF’s condoms in porn twitter account..


Melissa runs the APAG_Guild twitter btw:


Now, granted I’m not a fraudulently elected union official, but if I was, I wouldn’t be re-tweeting a person who manipulated me and made me look like a tard, and I most certainly wouldn’t re-tweet stuff from a group of people who’s sole mission in life the last 6 years is to end porn..

If I was a performer or person attached to the Adult Industry, I would run away from these people. They CANNOT be trusted..

If you have some time, join APAC, their motives have never been in question..

More tomorrow..

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6 years ago

Talk about making a bad situation worse. APAG needs to go away. And why hasn’t APAC said anything about their name? It’s an obvious attempt at confusing performers.

6 years ago

I think APAC is the way to go. Way more professional online and off. Looking over the names attached to both IEAU and APAG it’s a wonder they’ve lasted 6 months.

Porn HotBod
Porn HotBod
6 years ago

Haha Melissa Hill is an APAG VP? No wonder the union was a failure. Good riddens

6 years ago

Anything Alana Evans and Mellissa Hill are involved in won’t work. Talk about 2 people who are disliked amongst their peers. Hopefully the harm they’ve caused can be reversed

6 years ago

Fuck all those condom nazis that includes everyone in APAG

6 years ago

The first thing anyone from APAG needs to do is stay the fuck off of social media. Clearly, these people have zero idea on how to conduct themselves in public, …or how to spell. When they aren’t trolling other performers or patting themselves on the back, they spend their time on tirades and attacking anyone that dare question them. Just stop. Just…stop. OR at the very least, use fucking spell check.

APAC Supporter
APAC Supporter
6 years ago

You have a unique way of making people look stupid. That’s a great gift - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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