Bottom Boy Crossover Gunnar Stone Wants To Beat Up TRPWL. Oh No!

Jan 26, 2023
Adult Business
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Crossovers don’t have a good reputation on this side of the business. There are a few reason for that. The obvious one is HIV. This is NOT disputable fact, since 2004, every single HIV moratorium can be tied to a crossover performer…

Even in this ‘woke” age of porn, girls are wary of crossover male talent. And rightfully so. When I say crossover, I don’t mean a guy who was once in gay porn then came over here, and stayed . No I’m talking about guys like Gunnar. The drug addicts who take ass creampies then go shoot for Team Skeet a few days later on the same test.. We all know how Team Skeet feels about shutdowns. So this isn’t surprising.

Most reputable girls won’t shoot with crossovers, or, they have a window of time that must pass before they will.

Typically, crossover talent understand that content trade and shoots won’t come as easy as their straight counterparts. Its the circle of porn.

Then you have guys like this fucking Gunnar Stone. A chick beating, drug using, abusive crossover who blames his lack of work on the sole fact he sucks dicks…

Gunnar’s obnoxious personalty precedes him.

He constantly starts fights with other male performers, puts shooting restrictions on performers he dates, jealous much? And used to make homophobic comments to people in some weird effort to win an argument.  The irony there is, when straight work was hard to come by, Gunnar started publicly fucking guys. Then when that part of his gay career wound down, he took it up the ass.

Let me the first to say, if Gunnar wants to eat cum by the gallon, maybe choke on some schlongs and french kiss twinks, fine by me, I don’t care. I only get involved when he starts bullying girls who won’t shoot with him, and uses his love for hairy men as the reason.

The reason is you’re a fucking unsafe asshole. So go fuck yourself.

I know Gunnar, you’re gonna beat me up.

But trying to beat me up isn’t the same as beating one of your girlfriends.

Better start eating some trenbologna sandwiches.

Cuz when the pecs are poppin, the panties are droppin’..or in your case, Jimmy’s g string. And I mean that in a not homophobic way. I’m sure Jimmy is a cool dude.

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Officer Smith
Officer Smith
1 month ago

Gunner is a complete scumbag. Multiple arrests for DV - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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