Brazzers Responds To Nikki Benz Abuse Allegations

Dec 20, 2016
Adult Business News
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Since Nikki went public with her abuse accusations, others have stepped forward with the similar stories..

Below is a statement from Brazzers..

We have become aware of a controversy surrounding a recent shoot involving Nikki Benz. As most of you already know, we do not produce content ourselves but commission producers to do so on our behalf. We understand that this particular scene was an unscripted scene with the artistic direction left open to the producer’s discretion.

Brazzers considers performers’ consent, boundaries and limits and safety to be fundamental and paramount issues and unequivocally stands for the respect of the performers. Brazzers does not condone nor does it tolerate conduct by producers that would jeopardize a performer’s security or well-being.

Given the allegations surrounding the production of this scene, Brazzers will thoroughly investigate its production, and, if necessary will take steps that are reasonably calculated to prevent the alleged behavior from occurring.

Brazzers always reserves the right to reject any particular scene if it does not meet with its brand and image guidelines. Producers are aware of this and, we hope, are cognizant of that when shooting scenes for Brazzers. This particular type of scene would never meet our standards and would be rejected immediately.

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4 years ago

By “rape scene are in now” does she mean she was raped during a scene or she mean a scene that depicts rape-like rough sex?

I hate cryptic shit designed to send fanbois into a tizzy.

4 years ago

this is going 2 sound dickish and sexist but im gonna tell thetrutgh im staring a a new trend the trufh .ok no nikki benz comes and slap me with a story im 100 % taking in her story.theres a few(.imcert awake .like i said theres just have earnd repect ftom other people doing the same job.there r a def hand full that speaak 4 otherx without h neocartef their peeps if u nono offense 2 ive heard and ill hear u out and ill 100 trust ull tell n2 tell me the ill be tracking some local scum

4 years ago

You been eatin disco biscuits all night, bro?

4 years ago

holy i really gotta stop commenting on shit after way to many bong hits hopefully this makes a bit more sense (ive only had a few bong hits so) this is might sound dickish but im gonna tell the truth. im trying to start a new trend. ok if Nikki Benz comes to me and slaps me in the face with a story(shocking as it may be) im 100 % taking her word until proven otherwise.a story from Cameron Bay or S.Haze (well documented forgers of the truth) well im gonna be a tad more skeptical .Benz has earned respect… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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