Breaking News: Erika “Shrek” Icon Warns Of “Asian Invasion”

Sep 15, 2021
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the rub pr

I’ve never been a fan of Erika. She’s pretty much worthless, she’s a liar, scammer, and all around piece of shit. The one thing we share though, is our love for the USA.

Everyone knows Erika is connected, but I thought her connections were limited to who the best pimps were. But it would also appear she’s got government connections as well. No, not the same fake connections as Astrid “Section 8”  Star. But people in the Pentagon. How else would she find out an Asian gang of ruffians were on their way to invade Washington Park, Illinois?

Marica Hase, Cindy Starfall, and Lana Violet are coming together for an Asian Invasion Tour.

Not only was Erika able to find out what the Asians were up too, but she was also able to get the invaders names.

the rub pr

One other thing I like about Erika, is she’s woke. Remember when her and OC spoke up about Fetishizing performers ala race play?  She is 100% against that, good for her. Things like BBC, IR, Interracial are all offensive to Erika.  She’s a proud supporter of the BLM movement, as well as Sinnamon Loves rent paying scheme, BIPOC. Kudos to Erika of The Rub PR for standing up for Minorities.

God Speed Washington Park Illinois…

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