Cam Star Domino Monroe: A Courtney Page Interview

May 5, 2015
Courtney Page
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There are literally thousands upon thousands of webcam models on the world wide web…. upon thousands! Sorry had to get one more in just to stress how big a pool we’re talking here when it comes to finding a camgirl who catches your eye (from beauty) and then keeps you sticking around for a ridiculous amount of time, in my case hours! Who? Her name is Domino Monroe, and she is the love child of a Victoria Secret model and Kanye West! Ok, not really but look at her photo and then read this interview and then tell me she isn’t a hybrid of drop dead gorgeousness that is just too cool for school.


1) How long have you been a cam model?

 Ive been a cam model for a year and a half.

2) Just on And why that site instead of the many others?

 Yes just naked. And I built my fan base on naked so I’m comfortable there.

3) Have you always been so crazy on cam or did your cam style come inspired from another place/person?

I have always been this crazy on cam, yes lol.  I’m not inspired by any one thing. I’ve always been told I was extremely eccentric.  I’m an only child, and loner by nature, lots of geekin and sneakin. I generally do things that make me laugh.  I consider the audience at times but I usually entertain myself first.

4) Describe your process.What can one expect when tuning into a “Domino Monroe” show?

When turning on a DominoMonroe Show you can expect a lot of Slingin, Bingin, and Tingin. Just a bunch of fucked up shit really.  I like to be abrasive with my users, some of them understand my sarcasm and some do not.  The people that understand me, I build an honest relationship with.  Its like the TV Show Cheers up in this bitch.


5) What is one thing you still want to do on cam but haven’t  AND what will you never ever do again?

One thing I will never do again on cam…I don’t really regret anything.  I live in perpetual state of ignorance so at the end of the day if I do something unbecoming, like filling my butthole with baby powder and farting so it makes a cloud…I can look back on it and think “cool”.

6) You pretty much have webcamming by the balls. Was that always your plan?

I only started web caming because I needed money and dont like to leave my house. I have a college degree but I’m not cut out for the real world.  I didn’t expect it to become a full time job and I definitely didn’t expect to do well.

7) What is the best piece of advice you have ever gotten on the topic/act of webcamming?

Best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten on the topic of web caming, to stay true to my aesthetic. Just do my thing. 

8) I assume you watch cams like every other model does, what type of camgirl/camstyle do you prefer to see and what do you dislike?

 Hell yes I watch other cam models, I creep hard.  I like when I see girls being authentic.  You have to have some sort of wall up to protect yourself because we are exposed to such a diverse audience.  But, I like when I see a girl that just doesn’t give a fuck.  She is who she is, thats sexier to me than someone who is too hot to trot. I dislike when cam girls talk a mess about each other. Its just hard to weed out the ones with good intentions because cam hoes be tricky, but, there are some really good people that do this for a living.  

9) How often do you cam? What’s the schedule?

 My schedule is all over the place but I came 3-6 times a week.  My snatch is about to fall off.

10) Will you marry me?

No I will not marry you, you are not black enough, I’ve told you this before.  I’m looking for a full blown black person. I think that if I make babies with genuine dark chocolate that our kids will be superior to all other children.  You can be my hoe on the side though. 


And there you have it. Now you can go fully fall for this girl like I did, right around the time she was snorting frosting and breakdancing (really fucking good) in giant cat ears.

Domino Monroe’s Twitter , Phone Chat and Naked.COM Profile

Courtney Page can be found on twitter or you can visit her website.

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a t w
a t w
7 years ago

Id think the part you regret is locking your toddler in his room all day while you cam and having your husbands family disown you all. You’re anything but an idol, just another drugged up shitty mom who got lucky with genetics and no soul

atw is a troll
atw is a troll
7 years ago

a t w if you are going to troll and post claims like that online at least have the balls to say who you are.

6 years ago

a t w is a cam model who got fired from for stalking and have restraining orders against her for stalking a lying to defame character.

6 years ago

Love this interview! As a fellow female in the industry I have been trying to contact Domino to see if she would take on a mentee – hoping you could help?

4 years ago

Being a daughter of a Victoria’s Secret model, I’m sure she would have had some work or exit on the catwalks before working on a webcam. But if the girl exhibits well and likes it, it seems very normal to take advantage of the pull. It is an autética beauty and sure that their live shows are good. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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