Carmen Callaway: Motley Models Sets The Record Straight

Sep 5, 2017
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Carmen Callaway is one of may favorite subjects..Over the last year she has provided the 6,998,544,721 TRPWL readers with fantastic copy..

Who could forget that time she tried to rip off ATMLA, or the time she accused Plush Talent Scott Ohanian Of “Rape.” Like A Christian Slater movie, the Carmen Callaway stories get worse and worse with each passing day..

Last week, Carmen was allegedly physically removed from a set, then like Spider girl, not the trust worthy hot one, climbed over a fence and was once again removed.. Carmen, who holds the record for most pornstar fundraisers is never one to disappoint, her latest actions prompted Dave from Motley Models to send out the email below..


It has come to our attention that Carmen Callaway has been spreading libelous statements about our agency over social media due to how her tenure with our company ended on Aug 25th. We felt the need to address these statements since she’s got a track record of going to any lengths to attract attention.


Miss Callaway came to us in mid-June in dire straits begging for representation as her “sugar-daddy” kicked her out leaving her homeless with no income. We’d had no prior business dealing but had heard of her past antics and were very leery about signing her. We called her past agent ATMLA to find out how their last experience with her ended. They explained she owed them $1,295 and would love if we could help the recoup their loss. Since Callaway agreed to this amount and offered what appeared to be a sincere apology, we agreed to sign her but with one big contingency.  Motley would need to be allowed to hold back funds from checks to pay off the $1,295 to ATMLA plus any costs we would incur for getting her work. We were not interested in allowing her to be in control of how the money would be paid back to either agency since she already had a clear track record of being irresponsible with her funds.  She agreed so we moved forward. 


We started promoting her in the beginning of July which started off with her being unavailable for shoots for the first 2 weeks due to getting a bad sunburn. That was followed up by some drama with a friend/roommate which filled her business Twitter feed with negativity, suicidal references and substance abuse. Subsequently, two of the three shoots we booked canceled her due to viewing her craziness on social and we knew it was on a downhill slide. We encouraged her to clean up her Twitter and try to portray a more professional look if she was serious about reviving her career and working regularly. It would get better for a couple days but then fall right back to her bad habits of attacking random people and just begging for attention from anywhere she could get it. 


In mid-August we had closed a 4 shoot package with a great client to be shot immediately. This was a great opportunity for her to catch up on what she owed Motley, cover her past balance with ATMLA and still walk away with over $1k. At this point she owed Motley about $500 and had paid nothing towards her ATMLA balance. We told her this was only going to happen if we could hold back funds to make everyone whole. Otherwise, we’d rather give those shoots to a model that pays her commission. She agreed so we put the shoots on her calendar to be shoot all in one week. The first shoot was completed with no issues and we allowed the first $800 to go directly to her so she could take care of bills or whatever. With that $800, she had now earned over $2,900 but failed to pay back any of her tests or commission to Motley and paid zero towards her past balance to ATMLA. When payment for the 2nd shoot was issued to Motley, this is where Callaway showed her true colors. According to those on set, she was belligerent, loud and demanding all checks go to her or she was not shooting. I called her on set, explaining this was not up to her. She couldn’t be trusted with this money due to all stated above. She hung up the phone and tried to persuade the client into changing the plans but no luck. We had her replaced within minutes and she was asked to leave the set. She refused so she had to be escorted off of the property.


For those of you that were unfortunate enough to observe her Snapchat that day, you would have seen her story of the day which included more “poor me” clips including one of her signing off to the world as she took a handful of pills and washed them down with a bottle of alcohol leaving all to believe she had ended her life…again. 12hrs later she’s back on social media playing the victim and seeking any kind of attention she can muster up. This was all we needed to terminate relationship and as much as we tried to help her, you can’t help those who don’t learn from past mistakes.


48hrs later on 8/25, she was sent an email providing a detailed breakdown of how all funds that were held back from her shoots were applied. ATMLA was also bcc’d on the email to give full transparency to all involved since they had a big stake in this as well. She grossed $3,600 in shoots. Motley earned $540 (15%). Motley also withheld costs we fronted for her tests & drivers which me made 0%. After Motley was made whole for the 15% and money we fronted her, there was $860 left over. Per the agreement we made with her and ATMLA that allowed her to shoot $3,600 in shoots, that money was sent to ATMLA as a partial payment towards her debt with them.


Ms Callaway has never responded to or questioned the accounting sent to her in that email. Instead, she posts random percentages of 30% – 50% being charged by Motley which is completely unfounded. We stand behind the accounting that Motley withheld 15% for commissions and reimbursement for testing/drivers. So much so, we’d like to encourage her to share that final invoice with a certified accountant. If they’re able to find any amount that Motley profited above the 15% and reimbursed expenses, we’ll pay that times 100.


Motley Models carries an active talent agency license issued by the State of California’s Labor Commissioner’s Office. We are a member of LATATA, an organization of licensed agencies working together to improve the talents’ opportunities and fight unlicensed agencies posing as legitimate entities. We consult with the Free Speech Coalition, an organization also fighting for producer and talent rights to help ensure a safer work environment for all. We book with every major studio in the United States as well as companies around the world. Our credibility in this industry and how we allocate model funds has never been in question. Not once in our 8 years in the business has a single model of the over 350 we’ve managed filed a single complaint that Motley collected a higher % than the CA Dept of Labor has approved us for…including Ms. Callaway.


In addition to the detailed accounting provided to Ms Callaway, that same email included her unconditional release from our agency. While she claims on social she’s stuck with us due to a buy-out, she has it in plain text she’s been released for zero dollars. Of course, that doesn’t sit well with her ego so she’d rather paint a different picture to somehow feel more valued. Another example of misleading people to satisfy her need for any type of attention just like the suicidal hoaxes on social media.


We also find it despicable for her to use a serious issue like suicide to attract attention. Most of us probably know someone that’s been affected by it and it’s nothing to take lightly. It’s common knowledge that most people that choose to end their life, don’t advertise it on social media first. Motley Models is encouraging Miss Callaway to seek professional help immediately and we’d like to pledge the cost of the first 2hrs of her psychiatric evaluation. We also would encourage her that if she has these thoughts again, instead of advertising it, call the suicide prevention line at 800-273-8255 as help is just a Carmen call away.


Lastly, Ms. Callaway also attacked another reputable agency for wrong doings just last year. In reality, it was all just a bog cover up for her defrauding them and reputable studio. I would implore all of you to read and take special notice to the erratic text messages.


Thanks for reading.

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5 years ago

Aint no cure for crazy.

5 years ago

This article is silly. As someone who’s witnessed the entire situation I can whole heartedly laugh at how much effort was put into this article. It’s all fabricated. Does anyone inside the industry not know how shady motley is? Who is this article trying to convince, the people outside the industry? Agencies do not treat girls well, or pay them correctly. This is not isolated to her. It’s rampant.

1 year ago

So i kno this Article is formal bullshit Ive seen one of her scenes where she is clearly beign abused and is not enjoying it all u can fucking see it ..and u cant just end a shoot even if ur beign abused becuz of the fear ur already dealing with while basically gettin legally raped and to say that suicide was just drama is an horrible human beign . The industry is not what it seems like trust me . This is sad Everybody knows that such article has ti be posted becuz of coarse they have to try… Read more »

Red Reddington
1 year ago
Reply to  Johanna

spell check muther fucker.. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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