CCBill Censors Adult Fetish Producers’ Content

Nov 7, 2017
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It has come to light that CCBill censors adult fetish producers’ content. In particular, the payment processor wants to suspend several videos on the AdultPlay X platform. The website has several producers who upload videos containing BDSM scenes; many of these producers have their own websites and have been in business for several years. Additionally, the producers are all law-abiding citizens.

Why CCBill Wants to Censor Certain Videos

CCbill’s bank rejects certain content for various reasons: some videos depict extreme welting (deep purple/red discoloration). The bank considers content of this nature to be extreme violence. Also, the word “abuse” shows up in search queries; CCBill censors the word entirely. Even though the actors are consenting adults, CCBill still expects the website to prohibit videos that do not comply with CCBill’s AUP.

How AdultPlay X Defended Adult Fetish Producers

Instead of explaining the website owner’s position, it’s easier to show his email response to CCBill below:

Thanks for your email.
We haven’t deleted any content from as of yet. However, we’ve temporarily disabled the
CCBill payment option from the website and anything pertaining to CCBill.
This way, CCBill’s brand is not affiliated with anything that goes against its bank’s policies. Since we haven’t removed or revised any of
the site’s content, I don’t want CCBill to be in bad standing with its bank. Therefore, CCBill features are now disabled on the site.
Currently, I don’t want to prohibit our producer’s content. We’ve talked to some of them and they aren’t excited about removing their videos, namely their top selling clips. I have many policies on the website that producers must adhere to, which they all have complied with. For example, these producers have ensured that they’re over the age of 18 and that everyone in their videos are consenting adults. No drugs, human trafficking or other illegal activity have taken place on the website. So our producers are law-abiding citizens and I want them to feel appreciated and not feel like criminals.
Additionally, some of our producers have been in business for many years and have a keen knowledge of the types of content that their customers desire. So although I want to comply with any processor that AdultPlay X is affiliated with, my producers and customers are valuable to me. Again, I don’t want these folks to feel like criminals or weirdos for posting their sexual fantasies and/or providing videos that fall outside of the norm of traditional sex. I created the website be cause I love fetish content and I want to embrace it, not turn it away.
Also, an extremely popular studio just signed up to the website this morning and I do not want him to alter the content that his customers have been accustomed to purchasing for several years. It took time, effort, and a great deal of trust for him to sign up to our website.
So I’d rather temporarily disable CCBill now, while the site is small and growing, as opposed to later when the site has more producers.
We are paying CCBill (Visa and Mastercard) a yearly $1000 high risk fee; not because we’ve had charge backs or illegal activity, it’s simply because the site has adult content. With all due respect, we are paying the fee to be a fetish site, yet, we are being asked to become a
website with non fetish content. The whole purpose of the fee is to provide processing services to websites with adult content. But according to your policy and the bank’s policy, you’re telling me to change AdultPlay X into an entirely different site than
what we’re paying you to be.
So I can’t, in good conscience, tell our producers to alter their videos while BitPay is willing to work with us and not reject our content. There is a large market for fetish content, otherwise CCBill wouldn’t be profiting from it. So the fees along with altering my producers’ content are leaving very little room for the website to be what I designed it to be: a profitable fetish site for producers and AdultPlay X.
So this is my position: I can’t penalize my producers, knowing how hard they work to make the website valuable. These folks work hard by hiring actors whom they’ve never met, buying video/sound equipment, writing scripts, and renting workspaces . It takes an artistic eye, a great deal of time, and a vast deal of expertise to create a valuable and profitable product consistently: these producers are great at what they do.
I don’t want anything to come between their artistic vision. So for now, we will keep CCBill disabled on the website and I’ll alert you and my main representative of any change

How The Fetish Community Can Help

AdultPlay X took a gigantic risk today by disabling CCBill from the website. The site now uses Bitpay as its current payment processor and the owner is very optimistic that customers will utilize the feature. The fetish community can help by simply using services like Bitpay instead of traditional payment processors who want to censor content.  The owner would rather risk losing sales with Bitpay than altering the fetish content that so many people come to enjoy.

In the owner’s words, “I stand behind my vision, our producers, and our customers. Whenever you stand up for what you believe in, there is a high-risk!”


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