Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. Featured in The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology

Jun 2, 2014
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Sociologist Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. is featured in the newest edition of The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology. Published by W.W. Norton & Company and written by Associate Professor of Sociology at Northern Illinois University, Kerry Ferris, and Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Santa Barbara City College, Jill Stein, The Real World is considered a relevant textbook for today’s students and is required reading in many universities and colleges nationwide.


The Real World focuses on activities, everyday life examples, and popular culture to draw students into thinking sociologically and to show the relevance of sociology in relationships, jobs, and future goals. In the text’s 4th edition, Tibbals’ work is presented as a unique perspective that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.
In the text, the authors wrote, “The topics [Tibbals] addresses range widely and include condom use in adult content…the increase and decline in breast augmentation among women adult performers…and an ethnographic perspective on women’s work behind the scenes in the porn industry.”
“It’s such an honor to be included in this newest edition of The Real World,” says Dr. Chauntelle. “University curricula are constantly evolving to include relevant current issues, and you don’t get much more ‘relevant’ or ‘current’ than adult entertainment.  As wild as it may sound, porn is an important conduit to understanding modern society. My research considers how developing technology and the public’s increasing access to adult content impact both the wider social world, as well as those working within the adult entertainment industry. I hope the inclusion of my work inspires students to continue to look at all aspects of society, including those which may be considered taboo.”
The authors continue, “While she is a feminist who takes a social justice perspective in her work, [Tibbals’] research does not assume a negative perspective on the adult film industry… whereas scholars were once almost universally critical of porn as a media genre that objectifies women and contributes to sexual violence, people like Dr. Chauntelle are now addressing previously overlooked and under-researched topics and issues…this paradigm-shifting pornography research will likely make its way into public debates in the future, which means that society will have to expand its sense of what is ‘normal’ to include things that had in the past been framed as dangerous and deviant…and legislate accordingly.”
Past editions of The Real World have been met with positive reviews from students and teachers alike. “This is a very enlightening text,” said one Amazon review of the third edition. “It is approachable and is successful at unifying the many areas and ideas of sociology so a beginner can teach themselves about it…it effortlessly ties in research and facts with relatable anecdotes and scenarios, which makes learning enjoyable.” Of the second edition, a reviewer commented, “The material is so current and easy to relate to…the studies and statistics are up to date…[and is] presented in a way that makes it nearly impossible to not understand a concept.” Another quipped, “This book really relates to our everyday lives and exactly what is going on in the world today. Interesting enough to read without taking a class,” and still another said, “I ended up reading chapters I wasn’t required to because I found it to be so captivating. Will definitely be adding this one to the bookshelf permanently.”
To purchase The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology (4th Edition), visit the W.W. Norton & Company site. The textbook can also be purchased via Amazon.
Chauntelle Tibbals, Ph.D. is committed to evaluating and understanding the place of gender, sexuality, sex work, and other marginalized factions in society. While her field of sociology should be an unbiased study of the development, structure, and functioning of the social world, Dr. Chauntelle continually notices prejudices popping up when dealing with social relations of a taboo and/or fluid nature.
As a result, Dr. Chauntelle has dedicated her career to shedding light on the inner workings of industries, services, and groups operating in the shadows of society. Through her research, written works, and media appearances, she hopes to help the general public better understand and relate to those persons previously shunned, whether they be prostitutes, porn stars, members of LGBTQ communities, or anyone with unconventional habits or desires.
For more information, visit her official website,, or follow her on Twitter at, and on Facebook at
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