Cherie DeVille’s Latest Piece for the Daily Beast Is a Call to Arms

Aug 27, 2021
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Los Angeles – Cherie DeVille, award winning performer, is one of the industry’s staunchest activists. Her intelligent thoughts on the issues that affect the adult industry are making mainstream waves, and she’s not about to quit. Her latest article for The Daily Beast, “Why the OnlyFans Porn Mess Is a Wake-Up Call for Sex Workers” is Cherie’s battle cry to her fellow performers.

With the recent porn ban enacted by OnlyFans that was quickly reversed, Cherie is asking her peers in the industry to take a stand. Cherie has discussed the attacks on the industry that is near and dear to her heart prior to this, but this latest debacle is the last straw. Knowing that these bans have been going on for decades, Cherie knows this is not the last time she and other performers are at risk of losing their livelihoods. As she lays out the past, present, and future of the struggles of sex work, Cherie is asking that the industry take a stand. A link is provided for those in the industry, and their allies, to make their voices heard outside of social media.

“First and foremost, I want to thank The Daily Beast again for providing me a platform to speak my mind,” commented Cherie. “I’ve been a strong advocate for the industry I love, providing my advice to performers, as well as opening the eyes of the ‘mainstream’, but I decided it’s time to fight back. I want my fellow performers, production companies, and others sex workers to start taking a stand. We need to make our voices heard. This is becoming a matter of life or death, and I am ready to fight for our rights.”

To donate to the FSC’s lobbying efforts, visit


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1 year ago

You say you’re strong advocate for the industry, But where are you when an abuser is called out? Where are you when a rapist is called out in the industry? You are no where to be found Ms..Deville when those incident are taking place in your very industry. The industry your saying your a strong advocate for, right? And here’s the kicker Ms. Deville you want to say provide advice to performers. Wasn’t one of those 12 advice to your fellow performers is “Keep Drama Offline.” Yet didn’t you work with a youtuber and her boyfriend who has lots of… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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