Most Common Sexual Fantasies For Men

May 12, 2014
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Both men and women have different sexual fantasies, the difference is that while some men fulfill their fantasies and enjoy them on a regular basis, others would not dare to ask their partners to try something different to spice things up in the bedroom. Are you curious about the top sexual fantasies for men? Here they are!


1. A Threesome With Two Other Women

This is by far the most common sexual fantasy for men, even more common than oral sex. It is the dream of almost every man to try and have sex with two women at once. Some men take it a mile further and say that they would enjoy having sex with twins! Regardless of the combination, this is one of the hottest and most commonly fulfilled fantasies amongst men these days, not to mention that many of them have dreams about lesbians kissing and playing with each other as well. The world is slowly becoming more open minded, and planning a threesome with two more girls who are up for some fun has never been easier these days! Read more:[Threesome FFM: Benefits of a third]

2. Oral Sex

There seems to be something about oral sex that simply drives men crazy, and it is not only the extremely pleasurable sensation of having your partner satisfy you orally. Oral sex has been practiced for thousands of years, and it is nothing new. Throughout the years, people have developed new oral sex techniques, the most popular one being the well-known position 69 where both couples get mutual pleasure. One of the most common misconceptions about oral sex is that it is dirty and perverted, but it can actually be very tender and gentle if you know how to do it.

3. Role playing

The third most common sexual fantasy amongst men is certainly role playing. Many men dream at least once to have their girlfriend wait for them at home in a nurse, secretary or police officer costume. However, role playing is far more than just playing dress-up, as many men actually enjoy a bit of soft BDSM as well. Some of them like to be the submissive part in their relationship, while others like to be the dominant part. Many men enjoy being the passive, submissive part and they like being teased, slightly spanked and even tied up. All it takes is an open-minded partner! Read more:[5 role-playing tips to spice up your sex life]

4. Anal Sex

Anal sex is very controversial, but one thing is for sure: tens of millions of men from all around the world dream about having anal sex with their partner, and the sexual fantasy is even more intense if the partner does not practice anal sex on a regular basis. In the end, everything comes down to trying something new for a change, and males usually crave for something they do not usually get, or something they cannot achieve easily.

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