#CyberViolence, Censorship, #GamerGate and Child Rape

Sep 28, 2015
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For those of you unaware, last Sunday I reached my boiling point. Or rather, my boiling point exploded into a video rant that has since been a source of non-stop conversation. Why did I, for lack of a better phrase, lose it?

Well, for those of you following #GamerGate you’re already aware that last week several of the modern “faux” feminist crowd made an appeal to the UN Women’s Council calling for censorship of the internet over the mean tweets they’ve received (and inaccurately classify as “harassment”).  Milo Yiannopoulis at Breitbart already wrote an excellent and comprehensive article on the matter here.

Excerpts follow:

“So, what sort of content does the UN want to censor? ISIS recruitment videos, perhaps, which lure women into lives of rape and servitude? …

Alas not. The UN is hung up on “cyber violence against women,” a Kafkaesque term that is apparently shorthand for “women being criticised on the internet.” …

According to feminist culture critic Anita Sarkeesian, who spoke at the event, online “harassment” doesn’t simply consist of what is “legal and illegal,” but “also the day-to-day grind of ‘you’re a liar’ and ‘you suck,’ including all of these hate videos that attack us on a regular basis.”

Evidently, to Sarkeesian and other “feminists” at UN women, being told ‘you suck’ and ‘you’re a liar’ should be grounds for censorship. Instead of seeing free speech as a right earned only after many generations have fought tirelessly for it, and to preserve it, they feel their personal feelings are so special, so important, that they would have the internet silenced to avoid even the chance of coming across words that might hurt their precious little feelings.

Across the world, another story is unfolding; that of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland. Sgt. Martland was stationed in Afghanistan for a time, and allegedly according to local customs, the systemic rape of children is par for the course in this culture. Yes, you heard that right, child rape is the *norm*, and even worse, the US Military has taken a stance of non-intervention in regards to such “cultural customs”. As would any normal thinking, feeling, empathetic human, Sgt. Martland evidently lost it on one of the Afghani commanding officers who has previously chained a boy to a bed, raped him for days, and assaulted the mother. Sgt. Martland evidently beat said Afghani officer up, and has been dismissed from his position as a result.  You can read more about this case in its entirety here.

Now, one would think that the UN would at this moment be so backlogged hearing about cases such as these that attest to REAL rape culture they’d be too busy to bother hearing the trivial whining of privileged first world women about mean comments on the internet, right? That all of the systemic rape of boys that happens in Afghanistan (that the military installments of the west willfully ignore) would warrant more of an audience with the United Nations world council as a pressing human rights issue.

Not so. Although, when a global organization elects Saudi Arabia (a country that has beheaded 100 people this year alone) to be a chair in the Human Rights Council, I suppose we can say they’ve lost all credibility already.

Given what I have briefly outlined here, perhaps it will be more evident to you why I bothered to make the rant below. Or not. Either way I look forward to your feedback and/or hatemail.

Mercedes Carrera


About Mercedes Carrera:

A card carrying member of the Illuminaughty, Mercedes is often known as: High Priestess of Depravity, BasedMILF and Social Media Slut. She’s a card carrying engineer, gamer, pornographer, whore, good-time girl and all around irritant to anti-sex radical feminists. She enjoys chess and can drink absinthe like nobody’s business.

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8 years ago

I love you. You and women like you make me feel less fucked up for being trans, and not siding with the batshit lunacy of the people who would be more accepting of that fact. You are a truly awesome person. One who doesn’t give a fuck about all the things you shouldn’t give a fuck about, and gives plenty of fucks about the things that make sense. I wish I could be more like you.

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