Defendant Mike South “Thank You AHF For Everything You Have Done”

Dec 22, 2016
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Mike South, the lawgiver raising the bar on porn talent?

Mike South, AHF pitchmen, failed blogger, and defendant in a defamation suit is screaming for help…By help, I mean he’s begging AHF to help him defend one of 2 lawsuits accusing Michael Thomas Strother of defamation and libel.. Despite South’s claim to the contrary, he’s not liked and it was never more apparent then when he launched a GoFundMe

South has totaled an astounding $213 bucks for his legal defense.. Sounds like he’s got a real solid fan base…Knowing his website, maybe his home, and second vehicle are on the line, South tried another route to raise money. Everyone’s favorite topic, HIV..

In a post titled,  Another HIV Positive But This One Went Unknown, Til Now, South writes of a performer who allegedly contracted HIV on set:


I spoke to this person many times in the last two days, her story checks out 100% and I believe her.  She has asked me to write it in my words.  She now married, expecting, happy and living with HIV, a forever reminder of her very brief time in porn.  She has approved this post.

By checked out do you mean like you checked out Scott over at Plush? Or how you checked out Shy Love, only to admit you where wrong. By checked out do you mean like that time you were 95% sure Billy Glide died from a snakebite? Or that time you confused a makeup artist as Jenna Jameson then proceeded to body shame her? Or that time you accused Xander Corvus of being in a 20 guy anal gangbang and lumped him into the Cameron Bay HIV shit?

She came into the biz right before an outbreak, she got an agent and she had high expectations, like a lot of girls that come into the biz she wanted to be “the next Jenna Jameson.”

“She wanted to be “the next Jenna Jameson.”   Is that your standard go-to line for people that join the biz? You’ve used it in at least 4 other posts

She shot a little bit but one of those times was with someone who later tested HIV positive. When she found out she had been exposed, she immediately quit the biz, she admits that she was in denial, and didn’t want to know, when she woke up one morning feeling a little under the weather she went to the drug store and bought a HIV oral swab test, ten minutes later her life changed forever.  She had insurance so she went to her doctor and he confirmed her worst  nightmare, she got HIV.  She was conflicted about coming forward, after seeing how the people are treated in the biz when they test positive.  She sat down with her agent and discussed it and the agent told her to disappear.

Wait? So this girl wakes up feeling bad and immediately goes and gets an HIV test? When I feel bad I take some NyQuil, and I’m a huge whore. Not this chick, no, even after allegedly sleeping with someone who had HIV she’s like nope..Ill wait till my allergies kick in..

The reasoning was simple, everyone had been tested (so they thought) she has a college degree and she has insurance so she didn’t need financial support.  They both felt that simply disappearing like so many girls do was the best option.  It bothered her that she may have exposed someone else but time took that worry away.  She moved on with her life.

Gee, im confused, above you said as soon as she found out she had shot with someone who was exposed she quit, now your saying it wasn’t till after she tested positive, with the advice of her agent she decided to disappear??  or did she quit, but kept in touch with her obviously shady agent just in case she got the AIDS so the agent could tell her to quit again??  Ahh, South, dont worry we believe you..

I asked her if she had been identified by the industry as someone who had a direct exposure, she told me that she had not, nobody ever contacted her at all.  I asked her if she was sure that she got infected on set,  and her response was an emphatic 100% yes.  She had confined her sexual activities to performing.  She went on to give e the name of the person she got it from and even told me how to find the particular scene.

Nice South, you were able to make AHF smile with the words ON SET and slam FSC all at the same time..Of course, even you know what happens when there is a positive test.. Tests go back several generations…And you threw in one of my personal favorites, I only had sex on camera, like Bay, Daily, and Burts said.. LOL

When I asked her why she was coming forward now, she said  that it had been bothering her to see all the times that people in porn were claiming no on set  transmissions since 2004, she knew that was wrong.  She was infected much more recently than 2004.  She also said that she had written me emails a lot of times then decided not to send them, she didn’t want the blow back if her name got out, when she read here that I am retiring she knew that it was now or never.   I assured her I would take her identity to my grave and if push came to shove I would say I made the whole thing up.  She is now married, expecting a baby boy and happy in her life.  The meds are working and her viral load is undetectable, she expects to live a long and happy life.

LOL South.. She only trusts him with her story of evil agents and the bad porn world spreading the AIDS to a girl who just wants to be like Jenna….

It is things like this that make me question retirement, I mean how else would this story ever get out?  But does it really change anything?  Will even one person read this story and think that maybe porn isn’t so safe as I have been told.  We all know he answer and I need to step down for my own health, hell I’m too old and the biz is dead anyway.  Internet porn will continue to survive but Porn Valley is dead.  Writing about porn has become a chore for me, it isn’t fun anymore, and I have pretty much said all there is to say.  But I regress, this isn’t about me, this story is about a young lady who believed that she was coming into a business where safety was the first concern and then learned very differently.  I have no doubt that The FSC will continue to tout the no on set transmission mantra, but that’s a lie, we knew it was a lie before this girl came forward, Even Rolling Stone Magazine pointed out that it is a lie.

Of course Rolling Stone declared that no on set transmissions since 2004 was a lie.  They’re using party and play escorts Cameron Bay, Rod Daily and Derrick Burts as their sources…I know South, Billy glide was attacked by a snake…

South’s real angle was addressed in the first line of the above paragraph:

It is things like this that make me question retirement, I mean how else would this story ever get out

See South isn’t leaving cuz he wants to, he’s leaving because he’s told one to many lies and is now has to defend his lies, which he cant do with a straight face and no money..

I ave a question Mike South, why didn’t you grab excerpts from the girl emails back and forth? you could of redacted any info that may have been used to ID her..That would of least added some credibility to your story.. I know what your thinking, but its to late to email yourself. Any attempt to do that know would be seen as you admitting you once again lied..

The whole she has a college degree and insurance was a nice touch. That’s you saying, she doesn’t need AHF’s money or drugs..So when AHF comes calling, you can just say, she wants to stay in the shadows, but give me money and ill pretend there are girls who contracted HIV on set…

So after making up a story about an On Set HIV case, South then took the time to write this masterpiece:

The Difference Between AHF and The FSC

When I ran the story about the young lady who got HIV and chose to “disappear” I got a response within an hour.  The response came from someone high up at AHF and told me to offer her any support that she needs, be it financial, emotional, doctors, someone to talk to anything.  It went on to state “That is why we are here”.  It was heartfelt and honest.

LOL Of course they did South.. They need people to march out to the podium. What happens if Bay can’t cry on command anymore..A HIV chick goes alot farther then 2 guys..Everyone feels sorry for a girl

Now contrast that with The FSC, who offered…nothing, not even condolences or words of encouragement.  The same from APAC, nothing.

South, here you go assuming again that everyone reads your site. They don’t, Well AHF does, after all, you’ve been promoting them for years…Just like this article.

FSC knows you lie, you writing another story about some secret person who got HIV after being gang raped on a kink set by some pit bulls and an Asian cook is no big surprise..Some how along the way you’ve annotated yourself as someone who is important. You write these stupid blogs, email them to the world and expect people to bow down and ask the mighty South for permission to speak .You’re a fucking joke, as are your lies. You’ve lied so much it doesn’t matter if you tell the truth..No one will ever believe you..Expect AHF, they couldn’t care less if you lie, thats been their whole narrative since the beginning. After all, they teamed up with you to put condoms on porn valley knowing full well you dont shoot with condoms…

There is a lesson here for all to see, who are the good guys?  Who would you trust YOUR life with?

Well we would trust you Mike South, yer the best.. It is nice to see you declare AHF as the good guys.. Ive been saying you’ve been on their dick for years..

Most of you in Porn Valley will be in denial but I will say it,  Thank You AHF for everything you have done on behalf of the people in porn who got infected, you have offered them quality medical care, financial assistance and emotional support at a time when our industry turned their back on them.  Before I leave this site that needed to be said.  Thank You, on behalf of the people in this biz who do care.


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The Ghost of Tom South
The Ghost of Tom South
4 years ago

“Even Rolling Stone Magazine”, which was recently found guilty in a defamation case and scolded by every journalism watchdog panel. Rolling Stone Magazine, who ran one person’s account of a story as fact, without properly checking out its source or bothering to speak to witnesses or the accused. What a perfect choice.

4 years ago

omg i just cant get enough of the Life (lies) of Mike South ,,its such a train wreck and Sean ( boss) keep it coming man . i could read this shit all day

ps Mike is always bashing porn shoots or sets but isnt he male talent and films sex acts ? - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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