Deja Vu: Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian Accused Of Theft & Credit Card Fraud

Nov 16, 2016
Adult Business News
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Gee, here’s something new, Plush Talent owner Scott Ohanian only being accused of theft..Typically, Scott is accused of both theft and some sort of sexual assault. A standard Plush Talent/Scott complaint goes a little like this:

Girl wakes up to find Scott’s fingers in her pussy, Girl asks Scott what the fuck are you doing? To which Scott replies, my bad, I heard a scary noise.. Girl freaks out, tells him im leaving, then discovers her valuables are missing..

So image my surprise when porn star Jarushka Ross told me that Scott stole money from her but didn’t try and sexually assault her..

With any luck Scotty is slowing down in his old age, limiting his crimes to theft and drug dealing..The streets of LA are getting safer by the minute..

According to Jarushka, when she came to LA to shoot she stayed at Plush Talent owner Scott Ohanian’s apt, or as I like to call it, Scott’s house of Coke and Rape, while she was working, Scott managed to not only steal cash from her, but he also got a hold of her bank card running up charges on it by paying himself thru paypal, if that wasn’t enough, when Scott ran out of coke straws, flour and wine coolers he tried to buy Walmart giftcards.



Luckily for Jarushka, Bank of America shut him down after the first 2 charges…

So where are we now, over a dozen complaints in the last year in regards to Plush and it’s business practices and not once has it ever been Scott’s fault, ever, or at least that’s what one blogger would have you believe

As soon as Jarushka went public with the thefts, a bankrupt blogger started in on the personal attacks. Sound familiar?  In fact every single time someone has publicly accused Scott Ohanian of something, some how, that person becomes a target for one blogger…LOL of course in true scrub fashion, Scott brings a putty knife to a gun fight…

I’m reminded of a tweet made by “someone” on the LA Direct twitter yesterday



I know, I know, you’re suing me right?

Plush Talent Owner Scott Ohanian Doesn’t Know When To Quit



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