Demi “Everyone’s Racist” Sutra Signs With Company That Fetishizies Performers

Jan 12, 2021
Adult Business
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Demi Sutra, who constantly complains about EVERYTHING and EVERYONE being racist, has signed with Brazzers.

Brazzers owns multiple sites including, Mofo’s Ebony Sex Tapes, Latina Sex Tapes, as well as Reality Kings Round and Brown and Black Girlfriends.

When you search these sites using the term “interracial”  hundreds of scenes come up..

Demi has repeatedly said she wouldn’t work for ANY company that fetishizes African American Performers.

It would seem Demi’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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Trump is King
8 months ago

It seems you’ve misunderstood, she meant she wouldn’t work for any company that fetish black men as only black women (or biracial women in her case) must get the spotlight or else.

8 months ago

Didn’t angry Demi turn White Xander into Angry Black Xander? She’s bat shit crazy

Sir Nose
Sir Nose
8 months ago

Silly woman. She should know that only white men are capable of being non-racist. Everybody else is racist. And sexist. Everybody knows that!

Sir Nose
Sir Nose
8 months ago
Reply to  Sir Nose

By the way, Brazzers doesn’t own Mofos or Reality Kings. MindGeek — which owns Brazzers — owns those sites, as well as about half of the adult entertainment industry. If somebody wants to earn a decent living in the industry, they almost certainly have to work with MindGeek.

Sir Nose
Sir Nose
8 months ago
Reply to  Red Reddington

In your simple mind, I’m sure it is. Just as all black people look the same. Anybody who isn’t brain-dead, however, can distinguish between a company and other subsidiaries of its parent company. (For example, the ABC television network doesn’t run Disney themeparks, but they’re both owned by the Walt Disney Co.)

7 months ago

If brains were beans most whores couldnt work up a decent fart. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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