Did Valerie White Take Money From AHF To Shoot A Pro Prop60 Ad? UPDATED 8/21

Aug 20, 2016
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I’ve had several people tell me she was broke and took 2gs from AHF to shoot an Anti-Porn commercial.. All attempts to get a comment from her have failed.. Currently Valerie is with the VIP connect…

Last night I spoke thru DM with Valerie


Valerie– Wait what is a pro prop ad ?? And where did that even come up ? I found it through my casting agency for my main stream and they were looking for actual porn people , I did it but it just so happens I quit the industry around the same time .

Valerie -So confused

Valerie -And how do u know who pays my rent !?!?

TRPWL– So you’re saying you didn’t know what type of commercial you shot ?

Valerie-Yea they said its for erectile dysfunction and tells teens not to watch porn

TRPWL-Who said ??

Valerie- The U.K. People , its off my main stream casting company and the other guy was the lead actor in it

Valerie- I just swam in a pool n was background lol

TRPWL– What were your lines?

Valerie– I didn’t have lines …. The guy showed diff scenarios and then points to me and a blond chick an says this is what Porn looks like and we laugh and smile lol


Valerie This is the main dude who is with the vip connect also and is all about porn but in the commercial says not to watch it

Valerie They wanted porn stars in the commercial

Valerie-Obvi no one gives a shit cuz we all got paid but not like anyone will actually listen an close their browser to porn cuz people are telling them too

TRPWL-Someone connected to AHF told me they were shooting commercials and recruiting porn talent.

Valerie Oh . Well I don’t know anything about that I just know it’s an acting gig n with people that shoot for bro bible.

I mean it did make sense . It says if you watch too much porn like legit addicts , you can’t perform the same in real sex scenarios

So Valarie takes gig to shoot an erectile dysfunction/dont watch porn commercial that’s somehow connected to Bro-Bible??? hmmmm

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6 years ago

She took money to shoot an anti porn ad while still shooting porn. Enough said

Dick Tracy
Dick Tracy
6 years ago

Sean dont you get it ? She needed the money lol ? So selling out the entire porn industry for 2k was a easy decision. Her agent cant make her any money because she is too busy in the hookery business masquerading as a “Talent Agent” in Holland and the USA. Speaking of Holland hooking is legal in Holland ? Makes Perfect Sense now What legitimate porn talent agent names her agency THE VIP CONNECT. Honestly what person name a talent agent a name like that. Lets give this girl a break. Well kind of. LMAO Shady agent shady talent… Read more »

6 years ago

Where is the ad?

Mark Sanders
6 years ago

Sean if she had to pay her rent, I almost bet you the fsc wouldn’t pay her rent so she wouldn’t shoot the commercial.

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