Dude Put Girlfriend’s Vagina On Lock Down Every Day–For 12 Years

Oct 10, 2013
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If you thought chastity belts only existed in Medieval tales, think again.

For more than a decade, a Mexican man locked his girlfriend’s pants shut every morning for fear that she would be unfaithful to him, CNN en Español reports. The 25-year-old woman finally alerted police late last month when she desperately needed to use the bathroom but was too afraid to cut her pants open.


The woman had been living with her 40-year-old boyfriend José Antonio “N” since the age of 13 in a rural area within the state of Veracruz, according to the Mexican daily El Universal. Local authorities say the abuse had been going on during those 12 years, that is, until the woman finally called the police for help on Sept. 28.

Officers found the victim alone at home but quickly tracked down José Antonio and brought him into custody. CNN reports the man not only had the key with him but confessed to having shut his girlfriend’s pants with the metal lock.

Once the girlfriend refused to press charges, however, the police were forced to let the man go after he paid a fine for a separate and minor infraction. The following day, authorities forced the man to sign a document stating he would not use the lock on the victim again.


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10 years ago

Pants locked and eating Mexican food everyday is cruel and unusual punishment. I guess it is better than living most of your life in a gimp box though.

10 years ago

Locking pants isn’t effective, all she had to do was cut the pants off of her. However, Maitresse Madeline can direct you to stores that sell lockable chastity belts (for both men and women) that are worn under pants or skirt and are almost impossible to cut off. I hope Madeline isn’t wearing one the day I meet her, I really want to fuck her around the world in 20 minutes if you know what I mean. I will even use a condom and lube so she doesn’t get pregnant and even have a stash of Viagra waiting for the… Read more »

10 years ago

Sure, she could cut the pants off, but then she would probably have to flee because her dude would likely beat her pretty good.

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