Entertainment Adult Union’s Phyllisha Ann Fires Union Rep Bella Doll

May 25, 2016
Adult Business News
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How can an elected Union rep be fired from her position?  I would think if people are voted in, they have to be voted out..





Bella told me she cares about performers and people involved in the union..She cares so much in fact shes willing sell her info for a PRICE..HAHA


I guess my definition of care is different from Bella’s..

The funny thing about this is te other day, Bella argued with me on XBiz, accused me of being a hater and making up lies about people in the Union..While she didn’t mention lies about Phyllisha Ann by name, the only person Ive really been writing about is Phyllisha Ann..So here we are 36 hours later and Bella is slamming Phyllisha and the union..

Bella is a such a hater LOL



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6 years ago

You should go back through yer archives, and make a list of the failed porn union scams, then make a poll so people can vote on which one was the best failure to read about.

6 years ago

I don’t know why people still give these union people any credence whatsoever. So, they were awarded an official union status by the federal govt. Hell, I can apply for a “Union of Blog Commenters”, and prolly get approved if I have all of my paperwork in place. I laughed when I read on their website that they were going to fine an agency for any violations. They have absolutely NO legal authority whatsoever, and the only power that they actually have is whatever the boneheads that believe in them give them. If I were an agency, and they ever… Read more »

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