See AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s Complaint to Nevada OSHA Over Oral Sex Scene

Aug 12, 2014
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If there remained any doubt that AIDS Healthcare Foudation’s ongoing attack against the adult film business constitutes an open-ended moral crusade and not a “workplace safety” campaign to protect performers from HIV and infections transmitted via vaginal and anal sex, may we present the full text of AHF’s July 25 later of complaint to Nevada OSHA regarding a Las Vegas shoot produced by…

Remember all those times Michael Weinstein claimed that the adult business’ characterization of what porn would be like if AHF got its way — condoms, gloves and dental dams all around — was wildly exaggerated?


Since the time AHF pushed for (and had enacted) a Los Angeles city ordinance requiring condoms for acts of vaginal and anal sex, the AHF party line has been that oral sex would be excluded from AHF’s crusade.

Weinstein has long asserted that “condoms for vaginal and anal sex are the only effective way to prevent the majority of STDs.”

“The ordinance does not require condoms when oral sex is involved,” Huffington Post reported, “because [Weinstein’s] group, which originally crafted it, agreed with the filmmakers that infection through oral sex was not as great as through other sex acts.”

Saliva contains compounds that break down viruses. It is for that reason, according to AHF, oral sex is not mandated to require condoms,” explained University of Southern California student Nick Brown in 2013.

However, as TRPWL reported on August 8, the only sexual acts performed at the shoot in question, Vegas Road Trip, were oral sex (and penetration with toys) — which means that the shoot was compliant with the terms of the EVERY “workplace safety” bill AHF itself has promoted, including its most recent one, AB 1576!

So, was AHF’s Nevada OSHA complaint filed in error?

Here is the actual “Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards” sent to Nevada OSHA regarding the oral sex scene– and signed by the inimitable comical Adam Cohen, who recently took his turn in the revolving door between UCLA and AHF.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Complaint to Nevada OSHA Over Oral Sex Scene - p 1 AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Complaint to Nevada OSHA Over Oral Sex Scene - p 2

According to AHF, the performers “were clearly exposed to bloodborne pathogens and OPIM” in the oral sex scene that forms the basis of the complaint because “[b]arrier protection was not used.”

Diane Duke, CEO of the Free Speech Coalition, said that the shoot would have been “AB 1576 compliant” if AHF’s proposed law would have been in effect in Nevada — “confirming that AHF’s crusade is not for the health of performers but against the industry as a whole.”

As’s Peter Acworth wrote in his published response to the AHF complaint:

We’ve said from the beginning that AB1576 was a morality campaign disguised as a healthcare initiative, and this complaint backs that up. All performers on that set were tested, the sex was safe, and nothing in that shoot would violate AHF’s own stated preferences for adult film protocols. Still, they filed the complaint. It’s either harassment, or the opening salvo in a bid to force performers to use dental dams and condoms for oral sex.

Or both.

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