Felon Phyllisha Anne Says “FSC has threatened the officers of APAG” #NoProp60

Oct 3, 2016
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In between blows on the meth pipe Phyllisha Anne took to Facebook to explain some twisted conspiracy against her beloved Union..



I thought I’d give a recap of “what’s really going on”. with the Union status n APAG.

I am the founder, therefore I’m the one most “in the know”. FSC has threatened the officers of APAG n Local 424 to either vote No on prob 60 n bring down this Union or they would blacklist all of them and ruin their name. As they are trying desperately to do my name.

WHAT? FSC threatened a group of performers who dont work in porn? How does that work? Did EPL say vote no on prop60 or Ill call Obama and have him cut off your government assistance? No more Obama phone? How do you blacklist someone from an industry they no longer work in?

Ruin whose name? Most of you have done a fine job of that all on your own..

There are people that was brought onto the boards by accident that are on the board of FSC or APAC members. such as Melissa Hill, Bella Doll, Shelley Bartolini, Evan Stone, Alana Evens . N a few others.

Holy crack pipe Phyllisha Anne, you rigged the election so they would all have spots.. If what you say is true then your stupid ass is to blame. What do all those names have in common? They have all publicly spoke out against Phyllisha Anne.

Now, im not as smart as Mike South, but id have to go on record and say when you (Phyllisha Anne) signed the Unions name to AHF’s Yes On Prop60 campaign, the few ACTIVE performers involved in your fly by night union weren’t happy. Ill take it a step further and say that’s why they tried to get rid of you. But that’s me, im drug free and drink Gatorade G2

Their purpose to get involved with the IEAU is to take control n bring it down. Why do u think they are fighting so hard, when it actually has not done any harm to anyone what so ever? And why do you think they are trying so desperately to remove me? The person that worked so hard to get us this far?

Makes me wonder how can they be trying to remove you when you were never elected in the first place?

That’s not a very union thing to do either, now is it?

I think a REAL UNION takes a vote on things that affect the members of the Union..So when you began having secret meetings with AHF then agreeing to help them shut down porn by backing prop60, without first bringing it to your members would be considered “not a very union thing to do either

A Union is a scary word for companies, A Union gives power to the workers such as performers in this case.

A union could be scary, if it wasn’t run by someone with an IQ under 60 who’s sole purpose for starting it was a paycheck.

This union is not about prop 60. If u want to make a difference in prop 60 Go vote on Nov 8th.

But yet you took money to back Prop60. And for someone who says they care about the well being of performers I would think you would be #NOProp60 since its evident that 99.9% of the talent pool is against the Proposition.

This union is about insurance. Union hire hall. Discount benefits and other things other industries get, we do not. And it’s about nothing more then that.

The Union is about Phyllisha Anne. Its about what the word “Union” can do for Phyllisha Anne. For her to make money she needs members to pay dues.. Here we are 10 months later and the only $ she’s been able to get was from AHF…

Apag_guild website is not being ran by the Union it is being ran by the people the union has disconnected from. Please be careful who u give your info too. The only place to register to be a member OF THE REAL union is through.

if u sign up anywhere else the Union can not provide you with security your information is being protected.

You mean being run by the people who want you to go away?  Those people? The ones who can now see you for the fraud you really are? Should the performers feel secure in giving their info to a convicted felon who allegedly once OD’d so bad they were trying to find her next of kin? Should performers feel safe giving you their info knowing your in bed with AHF?

These are the reasons more then ever we need to stick together! We will never be apart of FSC. And We will not be brought down!

But weren’t you the one who reached out trying to be a part of FSC? Then when they didn’t give you the time of day you ran to AHF ?

As the founder I am fighting for your rights for these things to protect your name I am taking the fall. All I ask in return is for you to stand behind me now! And join, together we are stronger!!

LOL Take the fall??  You mean when you get indicted for stealing Union money? Or when LAPD raids the AHF financed Union office and you get arrested for drugs?  is that the real reason you asked AHF for money for legal fees?

No union acts To disrespect other unions from each other that is not a union at all. We will soon have all the bad, mean, n hateful people out of the way. So bare with us and have faith no matter what u hear.

I had to read that 45 times to decipher it. This whole post is you slamming other groups.

Performers are uniting! Performers do matter! And performers have rights too! Go union

Performers are uniting. Uniting against AHF & Prop60. You know, those things the Union likes

I am the founder and international secretary and I am fighting for each n every one of u, I have not Personally accepted money from AHF nor do I have any scam agenda! Join with me! And help me change history!!

You personally accepted money on the behalf of the Union you completely control. You expect to start collecting dues and initiation fees to help pay the $200,000-300,000 salary you yourself said you deserve. Sounds like a scam to me



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5 years ago

Poor old gal. Looks long gone, puss and doo doo hole blowed out, she had to try something to get money.

Phyllisha Anne
Phyllisha Anne
5 years ago

If I took money from AHF. I would certainly like for you to prove it and until you have proven it well then your blowing smoke up your own crack pipe because I have not accepted money from anyone. The only thing you got against this Union is you didn’t Start it, but then again YOU ARE THE LAST person TO help anyone in this industry, you do not even fill you should support your own children. You can say what you want of me, I could care less what some scumbag that hides behind a computer and judges everyone… Read more »

5 years ago

TRPWL should do a comprehensive story of all the scam union attempts in porn over the past 5-10yrs. It is like a laundry list of losers. This broke down old gal, Rob Black, etc.

5 years ago

FSC was nothing but cooperative after I finally forced the vote to oppose Prop 60. Some officers were afraid of alienating other officers, so instead of doing the right thing from jump, they voted to stay neutral (read: ambivalent).

And now APAG claims that they have removed me from the board… again. That’s funny, because without me, the guild would have been on the wrong side of history.

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