The First Sex Doll Brothel in Europe Opened Up in Barcelona

May 30, 2017
Press Release
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The first brothel in Europe with silicone girls instead of real ones has opened its doors in Barcelona. The Lumidolls club is located in the center of the city close to La Rambla and offers its clients the “services” of realistic human-like dolls. All of them are made of thermoplastic elastomer, so the owners of the establishment assure that there will be no difference between touching the doll and a real lady. An hour with one of the “girls” will cost 80 euros (about $85). The club’s owners describe the advantages of their silicone ladies and promise their clients a completely new experience.

Brothels with dolls have already become popular in such countries, as China and Japan. But Europe has never seen clubs like this before, which makes Lumidolls the first of its kind. Right now there are only four dolls available at Lumidolls with each of them having a unique name, facial features, height, and ethnicity. According to the club’s website, the first doll, Leiza is a 5ft 6in African ebony goddess; with a sculpted body.

The second one is Lily. She’s a 5ft 3in Asian beauty with full natural breasts, described as probably the sweetest-looking doll; the club offers at the moment.

The third “lady,” Katy, is a 5ft 7in hot European chick with large breasts, pouty lips, blonde hair, and a penetrating gaze.

The fourth doll is named Aki. She’s a 5ft 5in blue-haired Japanese anime character with voluptuous breasts.

The main advantage of Lumidolls over traditional brothels is that it gives its clients total freedom of choice and action. You can bring all your fantasies to life, and all the sensations won’t be different from the ones you experience with a real woman. The club meets all the desires of its clients. When scheduling a session with one of the “girls,” a client can choose an outfit for the doll according to his preferences or ask to place his “lady” in a specific position. Visitors are offered rooms with muted lights.

These rooms are also decorated with a bowl of strawberries, a glass of sparkling wine, and some candles. Light music creates the romantic atmosphere. Clients can also watch porn on a big-screen TV during the session. After the session ends, the dolls are thoroughly disinfected. Clients are promised anonymity and comfort.

The dolls are made of a thermoplastic elastomer, which is known for its softness, and their skeleton frames are made of special bendable metal rods. This makes the dolls fully flexible, so clients can move them into any position they choose.

Sex dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer are gradually gaining popularity around the world, even despite their high price. The lowest-quality doll may cost you from 250 to 300 euros (about $280-$335). The price of “girls” used in Lumidolls is 5,000 euros.

In Spain, prostitution is completely legal. In particular, on 25 January 2005, the Spanish National Court of Justice declared prostitution a legitimate economic activity. But since 1956 owning and managing brothels in the country is forbidden. By using dolls, the owners of Lumidolls are probably trying to bypass this ban.

Sure, potential clients may have tons of questions about Lumidolls and its features, as Europeans just don’t know what to expect from such venture. It’s really not clear how this idea may work in terms of ethics. Lucky for us, Lumidolls’ website has a FAQ page to answer all the possible questions.

The idea of having a girl, even a silicon one, to make all our weird fantasies come true is actually great, as not every lady may agree to do what you ask, even in such ventures as brothels. For instance, some Russian or Ukrainian women traits just don’t allow them to experiment with sex.

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