Foot Orgasms, Major Man Boobs, and Crooked Dicks

Dec 28, 2013
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Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for: the Food and Drug Administration has approved a treatment for penises that come at you from a right angle. The FDA made the move this winter, okaying the use of Xiaflex to treat Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes penises to curve up to 90 degrees when erect, which can lead to (duh) pain, depression, and sex droughts. (Quick sex-ed lesson: Vaginas don’t curve that much.)



Peyronie’s is caused by untreated inflammation of the penis that often occurs from sex injuries. (Penile fractures do happen, people!) The drug works by breaking down scar tissue. Some men undergo surgery, but many are wary of it since it can shorten things down there. Men with less dramatic angles can also use stretchers to set things on the straight and (hopefully not too) narrow. Curious? Check out more manhood-enhancing procedures.


Between 65,000 and 120,000 men are diagnosed with the condition each year, according to Auxilium Pharmaceuticals Inc., the maker of the drug. We imagine the numbers of crooked penises out there is actually a lot greater …but let’s not kiss and tell.

Whatever your angle, it would behoove yourself to check out these five other crazy health conditions. Some are more common than you might think.

Foot Orgasm Syndrome
Not to be confused with your run-of-the-mill foot fetish, Foot Orgasm Syndrome was discovered this year after one woman reported feeling spontaneous orgasms in her left foot five to six times a day. Due to earlier nerve damage, her brain had confused her foot with her vagina, according to the case study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Man boobs, andro jugs, or he-honkers—whatever you call them, over 20,000 men have had theirs removed in the last year, according to research from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. An excess of male breast tissue, called gynecomastia, affects up to half of all guys and can be caused by anything that throws your estrogen levels into overdrive, like alcoholism, steroids, cigarettes, and even BPA.

Foreign Accent Syndrome
Finally, a way to talk with a British accent without sounding like an ass. Problem is, it usually takes some sort of head trauma to kick in—although a few cases have been reported following particularly harsh migraines. People have been known to switch accents from British to French, American to British, Japanese to Korean, and Spanish to Hungarian, according to the University of Texas at Dallas.

What’s that smell? Trimethylaminuria, a metabolic disorder in which the body can’t process trimethylamine, the chemical that gives fish its characteristic odor. The result: your sweat, urine, breath, and even semen all smell like a busy harbor on a hot afternoon. While there’s no known cure, avoiding foods that contain trimethylamine can help, so no peas, beans, soy, broccoli, or seafood, says the National Human Genome Research Institute.

Try manscaping this. Hypertrichosis causes extreme hair growth in unusual, perhaps hard-to-reach places. While some people with the condition sport patches here and there, some suffer from wolfman-style hair growth that even covers the face. In the past, the latter have been staples of carnival sideshows. Genetic factors, as well as medications and hormone imbalances can be to blame, according to Mayo Clinic.


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