For $35 You Can Rent Tucker Slain’s Couch And Get Roofied At No Extra Charge

Mar 11, 2016
Sex Crimes
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This is great, Tucker Slain Aka Nate Battle, Aka @LASoldierOfKy Is renting out the couch in his one bedroom apt he shares with a roommate..I know what you’re thinking, whats up with the twitter handle? Yes, he worked in 2 states (city) and the army into his twitter handle which helps during hoops season as it opens up his date rape options and during military holidays it helps with discounted Iphop meals..His stupid handle is not why we’re her.

Tucker is the guy who’s been accused of date rape more times then I can count (2016 AVN) and is the guy who allegedly helped a porn star overdoes resulting in her death..

Truly, this guy is the definition of NO LIST, and now hes renting his couch..

The couch is in the main living area and is super cumfy, it could actually sleep 2 people! It has pillows too!

That way if you wake up from the rohypnol and start screaming he can put the pillow over your face

I live in the main room which is a converted studio, my roommate lives in the bedroom, so you’d be enjoying the huge couch.

Date rape is always more fun if the homies can have some.

I’m always respectful mainly because the bathroom vanity and shower shared with my roommate

And by respect he means he respectfully hid the cameras in the bathroom.

At the corners there’s a 711 and a mile away the boulevard mall and Von’s grocery store

Vons is the place to buy bleach, duct tape and if need be, a shovel.

I expect you to not steal anything and keep the areas as clean if not better than you found them.

Pretty please with sugar on top, don’t steal his drugs, if you are allergic to roofies make sure you clean up your own vomit. After you recover from the sexual assault, vacuum the living room and get rid of any evidence.

I love to make my guests truly feel welcomed and appreciated and aim to provide the best Vegas experience possible!

Don’t worry, Ill use a condom and hopefully you wont remember a thing.


TRPWL recommends you DON’T rent his couch..



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