FSC Says “We have no evidence of a fourth performer testing positive for HIV”

Sep 9, 2013
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As promised, we are sending out updates as soon as information is available.

First, I would like to address the rumors of a fourth performer testing positive for HIV.  None of the testing facilities, nor the doctors associated with the facilities, have any results of a fourth performer testing positive.  This information came from AHF who is currently trying to push regulation on the industry and has, on many occasions, reported false information to the media to advance their political agenda. Just last month AHF started a media frenzy and industry scare over false information of a positive syphilis result claiming an “outbreak” when in reality no performers were positive for syphilis. It is extremely likely that this situation is more posturing for AHF’s political agenda. Again, we have no evidence of a fourth performer testing positive for HIV.

As far as the partner identification for the third performer is concerned, all first generation partners have been identified and have retested.  Results for all of the performers but one are back and all results are negative.  The final result will be back tomorrow.  The doctors associated with our testing facilities will teleconference tomorrow to discuss the results and next steps concerning performer testing and the moratorium.

Finally, to address some additional rumors, the doctors have confirmed that the third performer did not work with Ms. Bay or Mr. Daily.

We will continue to provide updates as we receive additional information.  Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation.




Diane Duke, CEO
Free Speech Coalition

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10 years ago

That was just some bullshit slipped in there by AHF. The retraction will be in next week’s edition on page 13 in the lower left hand corner.

Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago
Reply to  Dakine

If there is in fact a 4th infected performer, what would be the rationale for AHF keeping him/her in its pocket? Shouldn’t AHF be assisting in the creation of a genealogy of sexual contacts for that performer, in order to protect the health of the adult performers it claims to care so much about?

If that performer actually worked with anyone within the adult world’s testing regime, shouldn’t they be encouraging that performer to come forward?

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