The Future of VR Sex May See Dumped Exes Create 3D Avatars of Ex-Partners

Jun 5, 2017
Press Release
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According to recent studies, the growing popularity of virtual reality porn due to the introduction of cutting-edge gadgets may start a new trend. After breaking up with their partners, spurned ex-boyfriends and girlfriends will start creating avatars of their ex-lovers to take revenge on them.

Researchers believe that along with the availability of 3D visualization tools and the growth of DIY-porn, in the future, an avatar created in the image of a real person may become a victim of revenge because of unsuccessful relationships. Therefore, scientists urged the manufacturers of VR-sets to establish the terms of use for these gadgets, indicating what be viewed with the help of this new technology and what is not.

It’s worth noting that taking revenge on former partners is illegal, but with the help of new VR technologies, prohibitions can be bypassed.

Today, virtual reality technology is relatively new to the market. There are still few VR-sets to choose from.

The most recent and popular gadgets were introduced by such companies as Facebook, Google, and Sony.

Researchers also ran a number of tests to find out what effect VR-porn could have on a person. For this, an experiment was conducted, in which 45 volunteers were asked to describe their perfect three-dimensional erotic fantasy. On a second stage, the volunteers were offered to create a second scenario in which they could no longer go beyond the moral norms accepted in society. The experiment had shown that during a second stage, people often resorted to violence and insults. For example, volunteers wanted to perform humiliating sexual acts against their virtual partner or even themselves.

Researchers have found out that for most people, VR-porn opened the door for a more "perfect" sexual experience, as they created scripts that could not happen in real life. For others, this new technology extended the limits of what is permissible. There’s a dangerous probability that people can get used to such sex in VR and may become addicted to the extreme virtual sexual experience.

A team of scientists also warns that the rising popularity of 3D porn can damage relationships and increase the level of sexism and exploitation of women.

The researchers revealed not only people's striving for perfection but also that the boundaries between reality and imagination get erased. Some of the results obtained by experts emphasized the potential for creating 3D models of real people, raising the question of what this can lead to in virtual reality. If users create virtual versions of their real ex-partners, for example, will they be able to do something that their partners would not be doing in real life, the researchers ask.

However, apart from doing harm, virtual reality can also help couples maintain their relationships and add diversity to sexual life. According to the US experts, using the virtual reality technology, partners will be able to improve their intimate life. For instance, a man can put on a VR headset or glasses during sexual intercourse and see a completely different woman instead of his wife. The same goes for women. Scientists believe that such gadgets as VR-headsets diversify sex of couples who have been married for a long time. Now, researchers are putting their theory to the test. Its results will be available later.

Previously, psychologists have already noted that VR-gadgets can prevent both spouses from real cheating by replacing a partner with a virtual reality avatar. So, seeing a couple of hot girls in bikinis instead of your wife during sex can save your marriage one day.

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