Gail Dines Threatens Hotel Chain with Blackmail

Aug 28, 2013
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Another great Guest Post by Jordan Owen

I am continually amazed by Gail Dines. Her incompetence and malevolence reaches new, previously unheard of heights with each appearance. She publishes a book with zero academic merit. She accuses fellow academics of being sexual deviants. She keeps track of how much pubic hair her students have.

She tells lies under oath in a court of law. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Gail Dines has made a career out of actions that would get most “experts” tarred and feathered, yet somehow she comes back again and again, each time further revealing herself to be the authoritarian that she actually is.

Now, she may have finally stepped in it. In a recent post to Facebook page of her activist group Stop Porn Culture, she has called on her 2,000+ members to send a letter to board of directors at Radisson Hotels threatening to launch a smear campaign if the chain’s London branch does not decline to host the upcoming XBIZ convention.

According to Gail, the convention goers constitute a threat to the well-being of female hotel employees and put them at a high risk of sexual assault.

Gail Dines blackmails Radisson Hotels

This is blackmail. Dines is threatening to launch a smear campaign that will result in profit loss (not to mention the profit loss as a result of refunding the rental money) unless certain actions are taken. Gail has crossed that line – no question.

It’s also defamatory, not only towards the hotel chain but the convention goers as well. Can Gail present legally compelling evidence that the people involved in the event constitute a clear and present danger to the female hotel staff. This is impossible

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Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

Way past time Jordan started posting here. This is too damn funny….isn’t this the same Gail Dines who insists that she is NOT in favor of state censorship or passing judgment on the totality of men? And I didn’t know that XBiz was simply the old Tailhook gang. Funny, but all the conferences they’ve held were more austere and businesslike. Not even AEE or Exxxotica can beat the plumbers conventions in extracurricular activity and raunchiness. Of course, Gail won’t raise a peep there, because she’s a one-trick pony who just can’t tun the page or change the record. Go home,… Read more »

10 years ago

Gail Dines, go suck Marc Wallice’s cum and AIDS-filled dick. Better yet, let him fuck you up the ass and cum deep inside. You are a bitch of the highest order and would not keep a tenured job teaching at most universities. I don’t even see how you keep a job at the one you teach at now. You would have been fired in your first semester anywhere else, you fucking bitch. I won’t bore you with a scholarly analysis of this drivel but I can say everything she says in her letter is a lie. A few SPC members… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
10 years ago

Jordan has created a new YouTube video on this matter that I encourage readers to view:

Why Are We Protesting Against "Stop Porn Culture"? | Sex & Censorship
10 years ago

[…] Like all supporters of censorship, Dines hates free speech, and her favourite tactic is to shut down debate. Last year, she attempted to get the industry XBIZ EU event shut down by calling for a boycott of Radisson hotels if they hosted it. Her letter to Radisson, like so much of what she writes, is a work of comic genius, and worth a read. […]


[…] This is the nuke she proposed firing at Radisson Hotels, as posted to the Stop Porn Culture Facebook page (and captured by esteemed Dines critic Jordan Owen for reposting over at The Real Porn Wikileaks): […] - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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