Gang Dolly: The battle over an Indonesian red-light district

Jun 20, 2014
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Gang Dolly

The Indonesian city of Surabaya is home to one of South-East Asia’s biggest red-light districts. The authorities want to close it down, but those who live and work in the area are resisting the move.

Gang Dolly - The Battle over Indonesian red-light district

Gang Dolly

Gang Dolly – Dolly Lane in English – began as a small collection of brothels back in the 1970s, and today has grown to house hundreds of sex workers and pimps.

It’s not just home to a thriving sex trade though. An economic eco-system has developed around Dolly.

The red-light area provides jobs and income for residents who do everything from selling food to potential clients to arranging the parking for their motorcycles – all for a price.

But now, the government wants all sex-trade activities in the red-light district to stop.

Officials set a deadline of Wednesday night, and they now plan to evict hundreds of sex workers from the area and close the 60 brothels.

‘Block the streets’

In the run-up to the deadline, there were daily protests organised by residents and activists who want to save Gang Dolly.

Saputra, a resident and activist, says the shutdown will damage their incomes.

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