Gay voters ‘more likely’ to favor David Cameron

Dec 26, 2013
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Tory support among gay people has increased since David Cameron backed same-sex marriage, according to a poll.


About 30% of those surveyed by said they would vote Conservative – compared with 11% at the last general election. Cameron was also the most popular choice as prime minister, with 46% saying they wanted him in No 10 against 37% endorsing Labour leader Ed Miliband and 17% the Liberal Democrats’ Nick Clegg.

PinkNews has been tracking the voting intentions of 724 gay people, selected to be demographically and geographically representative, since 2010.

Publisher Benjamin Cohen said: “It is clear that David Cameron’s strong support for same-sex marriage, despite loud opposition from within his party, has been recognized by the gay community, although this hasn’t necessarily translated into support for the Conservative party.”


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8 years ago

Yeah, right. This guy endorses same-sex marriage while conducting search-and-destroy missions in the homes of private citizens while searching for prosecutable “extreme porn.”

No way any gay people could become targets of such missions. Never happen. So they should all vote for this preposterous lame-brain because he accidentally ended up taking a sensible position on a single issue.

When it comes to being right he has a worse average than a stopped clock. - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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