Hall Finds One Last Vote: AB 1576 Passes Appropriations Committee

May 21, 2014
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Assemblymember and Baptist minister Isadore Hall (D-AHF) reports that AB 1576 has now passed the Appropriations Committee.

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The bill now moves to the full Assembly for vote. If it is approved, it then moves on to the California state Senate to repeat this process.

Reaction from Diane Duke of Free Speech Coalition here

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Ernest Greene
Ernest Greene
8 years ago

Well, it was a poorly run campaign from our side, not helped by the various loudmouths with grudges who worked from within to sabotage it, and now we see predictably bad results. However, the floor vote needs to take place before the recess starting 5/27 or it will be put over until next session. Since as I’ve said nobody really wants a floor vote, it will probably just go to its shelf-date with no action, only to be brought back when everybody reconvenes. Let’s hope by then we can get a better response together before the next round, because there’s… Read more »


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