Harriet Sugarcookie Caught in Canadian Cam Controversy

Mar 5, 2015
Press Release
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VENICE, CA – The Great Cam Controversy of 2015 is unfolding and British cammer Harriet Sugarcookie has been crunched into the middle of it.

Popular cammer Lilsecrett was caught doing cam shows from at least two libraries in Ontario and not everyone thinks it’s sexy – some are even outraged. The National Post did a story on the situation and now Harriet is feeling a bit like she’s on the hot seat.

“This woman identified as Lilsecrett at harrietsugarcookie.com is believed to have live streamed sexual content from libraries in Windsor, Ontario,” the story says, but Harriet contends that her relationship doesn’t go that far.

“I did an extensive review of Lilsecrett, but I can take neither blame nor credit for her content,” Harriet said. “As I wrote before, she does a can’t-miss show. I can’t retract that now just because there is some controversy.”

“Aged 21, Lexi, known as Lilsecrett, hails from Canada is like a hotter, porn version of Velma from Scooby-Doo,” she wrote in her review before getting into the dirty stuff.

“That’s right, she was sitting there, flashing to nearly 2000 guys in her room in the middle of the public library,” Harriet writes, describing a show. “Being discreet by typing answers to questions asked, there was a topic countdown for a full dildo cumshow. I have a bit of an exhibitionist side, but I can’t imagine the courage it takes to pull something like that off!

“True to her word, she hiked her skirt up further, poised her legs against the desk and gave us the most insanely hot cumshow using a dildo right there in the library! It was only interrupted maybe fives times when people walked close by, but rather than slow the show down it sped it up until everyone was on edge! Lilsecrett is a true exhibitionist, moving afterwards to the (relatively) safer public bathrooms and giving us a second show, this time propped against the toilet and really going at it. The best of both worlds, a secretive quiet play in the main library before slipping into the toilet for a louder, rougher experience!”

Harriet has also posted an interview she did at the Adult Entertainment Expo with Jessie125 from MyFreeCams, a cammer who has done shows from the library, Barnes & Noble and Starbucks. Don’t blame the messenger!

Read her review of Lilsecrett at http://harrietsugarcookie.com/2014/12/camgirl-review-lilsecrett-from-myfreecams/. Her interview with Jessie125 is at www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6PumNfZQ7Y

Harriet has been nominated for Best Live Cam Model (Personal Site) in the Live Cam Awards, a trophy event with the winners decided by fan vote. Cast your vote for Harriet at http://vote.livecamawards.com/login?redirect=/vote/8. 

Harriet will be camming this week. Catch her on MFC at the following times:
9 am – 12 pm GMT/1 am to 4 am PST
9 pm – 12 am GMT/1 pm to 4 pm PST
Every day except Saturday. 

Check her out at http://profiles.myfreecams.com/HarrietSugarC.

Visit her website at http://harrietsugarcookie.comand enjoy her free memberships. 

Harriet Sugarcookie is represented by Rising Star PR. Visit her website at http://harrietsugarcookie.com. Follow her on Twitter (@HSugarCookie). For everything Harriet go to www.risingstarpr.com. ??

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