Here’s what it’s like to have two vaginas

May 3, 2015
Medical Procedure
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two vaginas

Cassandra Bankson is a model and YouTube star who recently revealed she has two vaginas.

two vaginas

Bankson, 22, discovered this after visiting the doctor because of kidney pain. When there, she found out she has a rare condition known as uterus didelphys, which means she has two vaginas and two wombs.

When she [the doctor] got the papers back she was looked at me and she said ‘ah-ha’. I was like ‘what, do I have one kidney, do I have two? She was like ‘yes, and you have two vaginas, as I suspected.’


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7 years ago

She’s got the chops for porn. Double anal is so meh. Sextuple: 2 in pussy 1, 2 in vags 2, double anal - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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