Hollie Stevens Refuses To Grow Bush, Starts Tree On Fire

Aug 7, 2011
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The first time i ever remember seeing Hollie Stevens was 3 years ago on twitter..Her avatar was her sitting on the toilet..I tweeted her but she never followed me…After 3 years of therapy i once again reached out to her, this is her story..Some names an events have been changed to protect the innocent…

1. How long have you been in porn?

I’ve been in for a little over 8 years

2. In the porn world what are you most well known for?

Well, I’ve don’t know that there’s anything that I’m known best for. Being in porn for so long, I’ve pretty much shot just about any porn you could imagine. Except for anal. I never really got into doing any anal scenes. I think I’ve shot 4 the entire time I’ve been in the business. My favorite kinda stuff to shoot is BDSM, but I also have a cult following for the clown stuff that I do. With that, I’m known as the queen of clown porn. I’m serious. Just google queen of clown porn.

3. Recently you were diagnosed with cancer, can you tell the 10 million readers on my site what type and the treatment your undergoing?

I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast. I don’t know what stage it is. I know it’s not a 4 though. When I was diagnosed, the doctor was throwing so much information at me that it was hard to take it all in at once or even try to remember.

The treatment, 8 cycles of chemo (which I just completed yesterday), followed by surgery. I’ll be getting a mastectomy. After that, I’ll be going in for radiation and then I’ll be dealing with re-constructive. It’s quite the process.

4. Is it true that you actually found the lump several months before but due to lack of health coverage you didn’t seek medical treatment?

Yes and no. It was also found the day before I was about to leave for a 2 month road trip. I didn’t really take it seriously though, and I just got out of a bad relationship so I needed this vacation before I’d lose my mind. By the time I got back it was Halloween, then trying to get back into the swing of things again at home, work, Thanksgiving, then I got a staff infection that had to operated on (I found out later it was related with the cancer) then Christmas, New Years, my birthday, AVN, and back to work again.

On my birthday, I was given a new birth control shot. I was watching my lump the entire time and assumed that if I would have had cancer for this long that I would have been sick or dead already so I still didn’t take it seriously. After that birth control shot my lump grew at an alarming rate. When I spoke to my doctor later about it, I found out that it was the hormones in the shot that did it.

I decided to finally go to the doctor when my left breast looked obviously larger than the other and it hurt a lot. I mean, it had pretty much been hurting ever since it had been discovered, but with it swollen that much, it was excruciating. I was still trying to sub during that time too. I can’t believe I did that to myself, but then again, I needed the money. I knew I had to go to the doctor soon, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to work for a while after this. I obviously needed surgery. And I didn’t have insurance. So what else was I supposed to do?

5. Do you think with health coverage you would have went for regular mammograms?

Oh yeah, without a doubt.

6. Once all the treatments are finished whats next as far as your hooters are concerned?

I’m getting a mastectomy, then radiation, followed by re-constructive.

7. Do you have a opinion on APHSS?

I don’t know, I mean being tested in all is fine. I mean, It’s actually a great think to be doing, but what after that? What if you need real medical attention? What really can they offer you? What can they even suggest for you? It’s just extremely limited. There’s always a lot of holes even as far as the testing goes.

8. Do you think we will ever see a day when a group plan is in effect for for porn talent?

I honestly don’t know. Porn is extremely unorganized or the people making money off of it just don’t really care about the performers. Which is kinda bullshit since we’re the people lining their pockets. I think the performers themselves would have to get together to put a plan like this into effect. I’ve always heard talk about doing something like this, but I honestly don’t know. Would be amazing if it was though.

9. What if people wanna help you with costs? is there a link they can go to to make a donation?

There was one on GiveForward.com but it was taken down. Hopefully a new one will be up soon. Just search my name on the site and see if anything pops up. Also, if anyone would just like to send a gift, they can go to my wish list

10. If you could have sex with 1 person besides me, who would it be? It has to be someone you haven’t been with.

There’s no one that I could really think of. There was this one really hot bartender who worked at the Beauty Bar in San Francisco, but he moved to Columbia so I don’t ever see that happening.

11. Before I wrote out these questions, I researched your vagina. Not a pubic hair in site. Will there ever be a full bush Hollie for my enjoyment?

Never full, only semi.

12. When will we see a Hollie Stevens website instead of just a blog?

I honestly don’t know. A web site is more of a pain in the ass to me than a blog.

13. Have you ever been involved in a freak gasoline fight accident?

No however, I remember ages ago on the 4th of July, my cousins and I were blowing shit up on my aunts farm while our parents were all hanging out getting drunk. We decided to throw a bunch of Black Cats into one of the metal trash cans not knowing that my aunt had thrown a bunch of spray paint cans in earlier. Needless to say, a giant fireball shot out of the trash can and nailed the tree that was hanging over it and some of the tree went up in flames. That was kind of a freak paint explosives accident I suppose.

We will update this blog with the new donation link as soon as we get it..we will also tweet it

Check out Hollie Stevens wiki page

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11 years ago

Hollie, I hope the cancer is cured very soon and that you are able to continue to live your life after all of this subsides. I also have to say that health care should be available to everyone, preferably through a government run socialized healthcare plan such as the one in the UK. Hopefully that will happen very soon. Socialized healthcare would prevent cancers like yours from progressing as far as yours did because most people would then get their physicals and mammograms on time. Good luck Hollie and I hope you are able to perform for years to come… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

I feel awful for Ms. Stevens, and I wish her a swift recovery. Her answer to question 7, however, is quite uninformed — or worse, may have been informed by FSC-hater January Seraph. Under APHSS.org, if you were to visit the Healing Wave clinic, as many performers already have, you can see an MD who is dedicating a portion of his practice specifically to members of the adult industry. It is a brand new office, with a non-judgmental staff, and the cost of a consultation is only $50 — that’s $30 less than the doctors most often visited by adult… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

Beyond that, in terms of something like group health insurance for performers, or a credit union, I fully support that but it’s not easy to put something like that together. People have been talking about it for years. It takes support from the incredibly disorganized and decentralized adult community, it takes $, it takes experts who are willing to get involved, and it requires credibility. The APHSS program is being administered by people who support goals such as those, and it has an advisory committee that includes performers, in addition to producers, and legal and medical experts. No one is… Read more »

11 years ago

Hi Sean,

The updated link for round two of fundraising for Hollie is http://giveforward.com/holliestevensv2

Thanks 🙂

Ugly Shyla
11 years ago

We love ya Hollie and are pulling for ya!!!!!!!!

January Seraph
January Seraph
11 years ago

@mharris127, I agree that the state of healthcare and the lack fo access to health care is awful in this country. But there’s not much we can do about what has already happened. Instead, we are trying to do what is possible now by supporting Hollie as much as possible, because she’s an amazing person and deserves the absolute best from life. I truly believe that her optimistic attitude and ability to maintain a light heart and smile no matter what is going on is the characteristic that will ensure she wins this battle. Her strength is something I admire,… Read more »

Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

January, you are obviously a caring person, but your remarks about me are as disingenupus as ever. Hollie was asked about APHSS in this interview. She responded with questions that I addressed in my comment. I know it must be difficult for you to deal with the fact that the world does not simply accept your take on things at face value, but I am confident that in time a woman as smart as yourself will come to terms with reality. But, if not, I will always make myself available to remind or guide you As an aside, I caution… Read more »

January Seraph
January Seraph
11 years ago

You’re way off base.
This is the last direct communication you will have with me. And I’ll advise you not to run around the internet continuing to make libelous statements about me or threatening me with acts of defamation.

Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago
Reply to  January Seraph

Sorry, honey, but stating that I will use your own words to show the world who and what you are does not constitute a threat to defame you. You’ve got a lot of nerve, January. Even though I knew exactly what you were like, because you had already viciously and repeatedly attacked not only FSC as an organization but also Joanne personally, when you wrote me for assistance and advice in the PWL matter I set all those feelings aside and responded with my best advice and made no mention of how appalled I was at your attitude. I did… Read more »

11 years ago

What an ass.

Responses to the previous APHSS blog, from MikeSouth.com | Adult Performer Advocate
11 years ago

[…] Michael. Because after you hijacked Hollie’s interview on TheRealPornWikiLeaks.com (http://therealpornwikileaks.com/2011/08/hollie-stevens-refuses-to-grow-bush-starts-tree-on-fire/ ) I’d decided not having any direct communication with you would be the best choice. I was […]

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