How Some Agents Scam The Talent Pool

Jul 30, 2015
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Being the worlds coolest dude and the only award winning blogger in the history of cool dudes comes with enormous pressure. When im not roaming the streets of LA looking behind dumpsters for Christian Slater, I can be found writing award winning articles about pieces of shit. Today is no exception as the pieces of shit on the TRPWL radar continue to be pieces of shit.

Like boobs, Porn agents coming in all sizes. You have great ones like Spiegler and Schechter, you the middle tier ones who really mean no harm, and you have the total pieces of shits, or as I like to call them, the Shy Loves of the world. Now don’t get it twisted, Shy doesn’t own the market on being a scumbag, but shes leading the way for the Rileys of the world

The latest scam is nothing new, its been going on for years, however with the increasing numbers of girls who want to get into the biz it seems to be more prevalent..

The Shy Love Business Model

So some random chick goes to a model website because she wants to be rich and famous like Jenna, Jessie and Asa. She fills out the online paperwork and submits.  If shes decent looking shes contacted by a person whose only job is to get them to sign on the dotted line. All sorts of things happen in between the first email and the contract being signed. Its not worth touching on in this post..

What the girls don’t seem to realize is being the new girl is usually the reason they get those first 3-5 gigs..Everyone wants to shoot the pretty new girl, even if shes not that good..

So this good looking new girl signs the contract and gets quick work. Life is great is for the pretty new girl, until shes not longer the pretty new girl. Shes the pretty girl whose been around for a month..Maybe this pretty girl could be the next Chanel Preston, but she doesn’t have a Mark Spiegler in her corner, shes got an agent who only cares about today.

So the pretty girl has a taste of the porn life and she likes it. Only problem is, her agency isn’t booking her enough, or even at all..So what does she do?  The pretty girl is a hustler, she hustles her own work, getting herself 8-10 shoots a month. She does this with absolutely no help from her agency. She books it, gets tested, arranges travel, shows up, and gets paid.  Since shes under contract, shes still obligated to cut the agency in on the agency fee, normally 10%..

The girl is now paying her agency $800-$1000 a month. She has no choice, she signed the contract.  Only now she sees the errors of her ways, and wants out of contract, after all, shes doing everything her agency should be doing. Only issue is, now the agency wants her to buyout the contract. Ive seen girls pay anywhere from $2000 to $5000.  This girl who pretty much built her brand all by herself is now getting extorted.   We could go on and about the legality of the porn contracts. In the end, the fastest cheapest way for the talent is to buy it out.

The Shy Loves of the world only care about getting money for nothing.  That’s the scam.

And don’t ask me who im talking about. Ive been sworn to secrecy and will never tell.

This article was written and spell checked by me..Thats why its perfect.

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