Is Darrah Ford Back?????

Jan 28, 2012
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I feel like all the stars are aligning for a great 2012. As most remember nutcase Darrah went underground about 7 months ago..Fearing for her life, lol was her excuse..Which i found rather odd since the ones she was afraid of had no idea who she was..Only a few know Darrahs real name..And yes, im almost positive it will come out..When Darrah decided to team up with Neal Rauhauser and pretend to be top secret agent/anon wannabes, Darrah sealed Darrahs fate.. These 2 moron wanna be hacks thought they could hide behind fake twitter accounts and use words from a James bond movie in a effort to intimidate and harass others..All in the name of womens rights..LOL which i found odd since they targeted several women in their pursuits..Im reminded of Southpark, Stans uncle Jimbo says “we must kill these animals so they wont die” Darrah and Neal, we must call women dumb cunts and stalk them so women wont get called cunts and get stalked…

Darrah along with about 6 others are gonna have a fucked up 2012…Like Les Grossman say, its inevitable, its physics…

Also check her new follows and followers, some of these accounts are brand new…

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Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
12 years ago

Perusing the tweets from her final days in June 2011, we’re reminded of just how clueless and wrong-headed Darrah was — not to mention, her hilarious paranoia. Oh, the comedy! Long Shelley Lubben’s de facto publicist, Darrah went out as an ardent Lubben supporter (she “helps women leave porn”) — while Lubben was, in reality, AT THAT VERY MOMENT, enabling the alcoholism of an ex-performer. whom she also got hooked on prescription pills, so that she could use her as docile poster child for the self-promoting group that financially enriched her. I do hope Darrah returns to offer her spin… Read more » - Buy & Sell Adult Traffic
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