Is Martha Stewart Safe Around Remy LaCroix? A TRPWL Exclusive

Jun 15, 2012
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Remy LaCroix is one of the newer Spiegler Girls..Some of her favorite things are long walks on the beach, having sex with bloggers, and watching the sunrise while listening to Enigma…

How long have you been shooting?
Just 6 months now.

How old are you? 23

Your hula hoop video is a net sensation. How did that skill come about and how did it wind up in a porno? I’m a raver girl, avid festival goer and Burning Man professional, lol. I just picked the hoop up about 4 years ago and ended up being decent; and with practice and a natural sensuality came my personal style. I really wanted it in my movie, as I often hoop naked at home anyway! But it really is a symbol of who I am and what I love: anything fun and sexy!

Hula Hoop For Elegant Angel

Hula Hoop For Elegant Angel

Could give head while hula hooping?
If dude’s dick is long enough, LOL. But yes, I can multitask.

How did you come up with your porn name?
My Kink “mom”, Kedra Alliard, and I were talking about it and it just sort of came up naturally.

What were some of the deciding factors in choosing Super Spiegs as your agent?
He’s freaking Super Spiegs! But also, I was unhappy with 101 Models at the time for being distracted with the sea of talent they deal with. Spiegs deals in good faith, and I feel like he’s the only agent I want to trust with my career and my butthole.

Have you had any shoots wearing condoms yet ? If so what are some of the differences outside of the condom on set?
I’ve only done ONE. It was fine, but I am indifferent to condoms. They don’t bother me or turn me off.

What is your opinion of the mandatory condom mandate ?
The only opinion I have formed so far is that I hope people don’t slack on the testing because of it.

Orprah , Martha Stewart and Lelani. You gotta fuck one kill one and marry one. Go.
Fuck Leilani for sure, kill Martha because she’s useless, and marry Oprah for her money.

If you could change one thing about the porn industry what would it be?
There should be an IQ test to be able to shoot.

Heat or Thunder ? In how many games ?
Heat, in 5.

Is there a type of scene you really like to shoot ?
I like shooting blowjobs A LOT.

They just released your first feature ,box cover in all. How exciting is that ?

Super! It’s not just any sex movie, it feels more like a girlfriend experience. I open up a lot, and show parts of me that aren’t porn like the hula hooping.

Your apt is being painted so Speigs says “hey come stay at my place”. Your fast asleep and smell smoke. But your trapped with Alaska. Who does Mark save ?
Omg, Alaska for sure. He’ll count on me being a responsible adult to get myself out. LOL.

Is it true that Brennen has a man-gina?
Bhahahaha. It may be, although I think Will Ferrell has proved his manhood on camera several times.

What is it about you that has made you so popular so quickly ?
I really don’t know! I just know that when you are doing something for the right reasons, things work out. I love sex and I don’t care about fame, I guess that makes me perfect for porn.

Your very popular in the IR-Tube forum..Was a IR a “yea sure ill shoot whatever sort of thing” or was it something you had to think about?
I love black guys. I’ve dated many in my younger years to my mother’s dismay.

Whats next? Website? Big Features?
Working on website stuff with PUBA right now, got a couple big features coming up, one particularly with Wicked that I am excited for.

Check Out Remy


Remy Hula Hooping 4 Elegant Angel

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11 years ago

Ooohh Remy I think I’m in Love!

Michael Whiteacre
Michael Whiteacre
11 years ago

Sean’s going to need an new Step Brothers gag question…

Allen ray
6 years ago

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