It Was Like Soul Rape: A Marc and Tucker Story

Sep 8, 2011
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This was sent to me by Daisy… It’s from April 2011, but is worth reprinting.

Okay so last night I was on Spice Radio with Alana Evans @alanaevansxxx. She’s been amazing and is prolly one of the coolest chicks I’ve met so far in LA! And over this past week I have had the opportunity to meet a nice girl who is new female talent. Beverly Paige @beverlypaigexxx! Unfortunately, her beginning experience here in LA had brought a rude awakening and it is time for some people to be ousted. Get ready, readers, this may be my craziest blog yet. And no it’s not about the AIM leak. Which sucks btw. ANYWAY-

Beverly Paige is brand spanking new talent (formerly Jasmine Jones) and was saught out first by a man who runs a site This site is very interesting to say the least…anyway the owner told her she could be his secretary for handling merch on ebay, amazon and on the site store. He offered her a room in his apartment for her since she is already a web cam model and she could work alone and save money. She considered the offer and then off they went to AdultCon.

“It was less glamorous than I thought it was going to be,” she mentioned to me, “I met a lot of girls who told me the love what they did but it isn’t for everyone. I walked to to Allie Haze and asked her how she got into porn.”

So Beverly was sent by Allie Haze (who I have crush on) to the LA Direct booth, and that is where she found Tucker Slain (@tuckerslain). So Tucker brings her over to the Big Love booth where no one really gave her any regard except a phone number. After that she visited the PornStarTweet booth. Telling her stay away from drugs, make sure you are tested and that you work with people that are tested. Which is good advice, because not only did they say that, but a girl there mentioned to stay away from Tucker. Interesting…but since Bev was eager she went ahead and tried it out, (because the sex toy dude was not a legit guy and she did not take the room because it required fucking him of course). So Tucker and Marc (@markfromthedark) led her into their home where Tucker had her sleep in his bed starting with this so-called agency site.


This is an agency site around that is allowing girls from out of state to get flown here and tricked out to think they will actually be in porn. Thank the gods of ganja Patrick and I found this one. Cause this is a doozy you guys. None of this sounds like porn. Just tricky sticky bullshit.

This is how they explain themselves on this site:

“With over 1,000 clients in the industry, we keep our models busy with quality work Our models have worked with companies such as Playboy, Hustler,Penthouse,Perfect10, Vivid ,Digital, just to name a few. Must be over 18 Sexy,Fit and slim please no bbw at this time Labellaz Talent is becoming one of L.A and FL leading talent agencies.Diana been in the industry for 10 years now so she understands and knows what it takes to develop a career from this. Most of our models work 6-10 jobs per week . Jobs range from 300-1,000. Coming out with 3k -10k per week ask some of our top models Such as Natasha Dulce,Syvally Sweet,Bella Blaze, Bella Beyle just to name a few. Also for the right model we help you develop your own web site. Must be Caucasian, Latina or Asian, between 18-27, sexy,fit or slim ( sorry no bbw) and must be OK with adult film work with a guy.”

Diana Heaven the CEO informs girls about her partner, AJ, who has a 2 bedroom condo in Studio City. They have girls fly from out of state not knowing shit about the industry, finances etc.. and have them bunk in the room and on the couch. It costs $250 a week to stay there. They told Beverly that most girls who come don’t have any money but they will set them up with privates so they can pay back the money for the plane flight to LA and for the test. Let me remind you, that these private clients are “producers” which means they will potentially give a girl work if she fucks him. Right on!

“In order for me to sell them, they have to be white or latina. It doesn’t matter what they look like. But if the girls are black, they have to be top notch” says Diana.

And aside from his annoying site that he tweets about all day long, what does Marc from the Dark does to help ladies in the “industry”? Well, He will take your photos, NOT ask for a photo release, and NO forms of ID whatsoever. And who wants his logo with a picture of his face on their picture? That makes no sense to me. The agency has not sent out her pictures to the site yet, but it’s illegal to have them anyway! And if you even look at the site, who books their girls through a blog? Well if you look, you can find slander on a girl named Ayden Blue, who came from FLA. Looks like she realized what was going on and called them out, that is why “producers” won’t want her. That’s so shady!

Marc takes the photos and gets 5% for any gig- Privates and NON privates. (at this point I really just want to know what a ‘NON private’ is) Beverly was promised a driver, but instead there was no one to drive her where she needed. And living with Tucker and Marc would fight about who would drive her around to see “producers” and such. When she told me that she’d just end up sitting in the car for three hours. So instead of a promised busy day, it was just a ploy to babysit her until she is ready to take privates.

So after Marc and Tucker were telling her not to coming visit Patrick and I, that we are losers and whatnot…she met us, we shed some light on her and she was shocked. She knew something was weird in that house. She knew something wasn’t right. So when she explained, she was super quick to pack her bags and get the fuck out of there. She e-mailed Marc and Diana letting them each know of the situation and apparently it was unprofessional for her to leave the house without saying anything. Whatever!

“When I told Diana I didn’t want to work with the agency, she said it wasn’t slander because producers were thanking her for giving them a heads up about Ayden Blue. They have to have producers work you in to see if you can even fuck. It’s all one big audition. But Tucker and Marc said it was okay because I wasn’t a prostitute and they trusted me. I cammed with Tucker, and they tried to double-team me, and both were unhappy when I said no. They took advantage of me because they knew I couldn’t get into porn without a test. That’s why they are scooping girls outside of Cali and with this agency. When they get tired of turning tricks the girls will bail and that is when they trash the girls on the site…”

What…? Wait- doesn’t that mean that he definitely is out there fucking you ladies in porn when he just previously had sex with a girl on live cam with her having NO test at all? Right on!

Marc was guilt tripping her into making money on cam (just like he tried with me) with him for the studio he would sign her through Streamate. She is not under that name (Jasmine Jones) anymore and will not be working for Streamate through that studio. She can get her own account now and do it properly on her own.

Yesterday, Patrick and I took her to get tested and she is currently working SOLO on her webcam until the test comes back. She will also be suffocating me with her breasts live tonight. But that’s all we can do professionally until the test is back. As it should be. I mean…Really…How hard is it to help some one get a fucking test, people? This girl has drive, no wonder they didn’t want her to come meet us, because obviously they were scared about something.

And yes, these are her words:

“I felt like everyone wanted a piece of me, like no matter who I talked to I was obligated to work and repay them somehow for just speaking to me. I was not discovered by Tucker Slain. Anyone at that convention could have taken the time to help me. I just got unlucky. Tucker Slain is trying to dip his hands into any money pool he has access to. He firmly believes since he found me at AdultCon and introduced me to people in this industry that he deserves a chunk of change in regards to any work I do. When Tucker found out that I intended on camming through Marc’s studio he took it upon himself to e-mail Liz @streamate. Unfortunately to avoid any stigma, Marc had previously lied to Liz denying any association with Tucker Slain. Caught in a lie, Marc now finds himself struggling to keep his studio. (I guess you shouldn’t lie to the people who write your paychecks)

“I didn’t want to be pimped out by these people. They would take me in long car rides just to make sure I didn’t escape. At one point I grew very frustrated while running errands with Marc. I openly began to question his behavior. He promptly told me that he could leave me at Jack in the Box right then and there if I did not comply with his actions. He told me I would have nothing without him and I would be no one.

“I felt like crying my eyes out and wanted to go home at several points. I felt so uncomfortable and scared and nervous. They almost scared me away from doing porn at all. But I had no where to go, and no money. If I left I would be unable to pay for my testing, and unable to begin scenes. I felt helpless and was fully aware that if I stepped on their toes they would abandon me.

“They told me if I wasn’t comfortable then I couldn’t be successful in the adult industry. They put pressure on me to push my limits. I fully believed I would have to get used, and have people violate my body and spirit. I felt powerless. It was like they raped my soul. These people almost raped ANY chance I had at success in this industry.”

YEAH, people. That’s right. The soul does have the potential to be raped. But I think that shoving girls at “producers” as privates so they can be a successful porn star. That’s fucking rape. No debate. It’s a form of rape. Plus new girls get pulled into taking privates or getting addicted to free drugs before their career really even starts. That is why so many leave. Because they realized they weren’t doing what they wanted to do. And people do all they can to make them forget what they came here for and just try and…well, trick them.

But you know what. No matter what kinda shit a person will put you through, if you really want to do this then you’re going to just brush that shit off and keep fucking! People have messed with me left and right in this industry. I just got here 5 months ago, and I already have a stable no-list. I will NEVER stand down from how I feel. And some people have really broken me down. I will NEVER let another girl potentially get fucked with by bottomfeeders in this industry if I can help it. Those girls don’t deserve that, they deserve a fair opportunity.

Apparently I was his girlfriend. (NOT true) He hooked me up with a bunch of connections (NOT true) That he helped me get flown out here and set me up with a bunch of people. (NOT true) And I wouldn’t be anything that I am now without him. (NOT true) He claims we had sex off camera a bunch of times (Just twice!). When he broke down to me about his money problems and his situation I offered to webcam, but after he freaked me out in my own home I blew off contact with him. You’re damn right I did! I didn’t feel safe with him and couldn’t wait for him to leave that night. I put money in his gas tank that night just so he could take himself home. Then later on I find out that he was moving back to Texas and that’s MY fault. Seriously, he blamed it on ME? I’m actually flattered. But after that night I never saw him again. And that didn’t make him happy. So that is why these things have been said. I guess when a person is broke and does not have the mental capabilitiy to blame himself for that, then naturally all of us are to blame. Right ON!

Make of this what you want. I just think people should know about this. Because it’s clearly bullshit and there is no need for anyone to shrug this off.
So look, if you would like to get in touch with Beverly Paige, she is tested and eager for work. Look out for her you guys, she’s a mother-fucking gem. And she’s going in the right direction for sure now.

Link to Jennys Blog and Original Story is below

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porn is harm
porn is harm
10 years ago


It Was Like Soul Rape – A Marc an Tucker Story |
10 years ago

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Anthony Kennerson
Anthony Kennerson
10 years ago

And this was the same Tucker Slain who was ratting out others under the care of the original PWL?? While essentially trafficking out of state girls without testing them??




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