Jacky St. James Calls Out 50 Shades in CraveOnline Editorial

Feb 20, 2015
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New Sensations‘ multi-award winning writer and director Jacky St. James takes “Fifty Shades of Grey” to task in a guest editorial for lifestyle and entertainment site CraveOnline. In a piece titled “If ‘Fifty Shades’ Teaches Anyone About BDSM, We’re All in a Lot of Trouble,” St. James criticizes the Universal/Focus Features’ movie adaptation for its reckless and misleading portrayal of a BDSM relationship.

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“I fear for people who look to ‘Fifty Shades’ as a guideline for BDSM, because it isn’t one. Not by any stretch of the imagination,” Jacky St. James writes. “‘Fifty Shades’ plays like a telenovela with no depth or substance in which “BDSM” is defined by coercion, manipulation, and fear.

“BDSM is not the ownership or “gain” of anyone regardless of the parameters established in a dominant/submissive interaction,” St. James continues. “BDSM can open profound psycho-sexual doors, where pain is pleasure, and control and power alone are arousing. Where submitting can be liberating. But for [Anastasia] Steele, this isn’t an exploration of her sexuality. It’s a pathetic attempt to win the affection of a man who has done nothing but disrespect every one of her boundaries. Steele isn’t a sub. She’s a woman suffering from Stockholm Syndrome at the hands of a man who continually abuses her.”

St. James first took issue with the BDSM relationship between “Fifty Shades of Grey” couple Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey when she first read author E.L. James’ record-breaking book on which the movie is based on, penning and producing the award-winning 2013 erotic drama “The Submission of Emma Marx” in response. Presenting a dramatic, but authentic, portrayal of a BDSM contractual relationship, the film follows young Emma Marx (Penny Pax) as she strikes an unconventional romance with domineering businessman Mr. William Frederick (Richie Calhoun), learning to trust in each other and finding control in letting go. The relationship continues to evolve in its just released sequel “The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries.”

“BDSM is an exploration of trust at its very core,” St. James writes. “It’s a relationship born from a mutual willingness to explore physical and psychological boundaries within an emotionally safe environment. Where both the dominant and the submissive are willing participants who recognize the benefits of adhering to their roles for the purpose of their own sexual growth.”

To read St. James guest editorial for CraveOnline in its entirety, click here.

St. James is also a guest on CraveOnline’s The B-Movies Podcast, where she discusses “The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries, BDSM, and “Fifty Shades of Grey” with hosts William Bibbiani and Witney Seibold. The podcast can be heard here.

In addition, buzz for St. James and “The Submission of Emma Marx” films continues to grow in mainstream with recent coverage on news and entertainment sitesSalon.com, The Huffington Post, The Daily Dot, and Uproxx.

This week, St. James is a guest editor on Fleshbot, posting on the topics of hotwifing, cuckoldry, incest, male porn stars, “Emma Marx” vs. “Fifty Shades,” and more. To keep up with St. James‘ Fleshbot stories, click here.

“The Submission of Emma Marx” was named Best BDSM Release at the 2014 AVN Awards and is featured in theShowtime documentary “X-Rated: The Greatest Adult Movies of All Time.” “The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries” is now available on DVD.

To view the trailer for “The Submission of Emma Marx: Boundaries,” click here.

About New Sensations / Digital Sin: New Sensations / Digital Sin is a worldwide leader in adult film production, committed to creating and producing high end erotic content in a variety of genres. The studio has received multiple awards and worldwide acclaim for a variety of titles ranging from dialogue-driven features to all-sex releases. Its Romance Series, which includes such popular films as “Second Chances,” “Lost and Found,” and “The Friend Zone,” went on to inspire the creation of The Couples Series, The Erotic Stories Collection, and The Swingers Series. The Couples Series’ film “Torn” and The Erotic Stories Collection’s “The Submission of Emma Marx” remain two of the studio’s most highly decorated films to date, with both national and international award recognition. New Sensations/Digital Sin is also known for bringing feature-quality, filmic style to their vignette series with “The Innocence of Youth” and award-winning “Tabu Tales” being some of its most lauded releases.

To view the latest information about all New Sensations titles, visit New Sensations, The Romance SeriesTabu Tales,Twitter, or YouTube

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