Kendra Sunderland Appears in C-SPAN ‘Teen Take’ Documentary

Jan 27, 2016
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Penthouse Pet Kendra Sunderland is featured in “The Big Decision,” a documentary produced by young adult documentary company “Teen Take.” The world’s most famous cam girl, dubbed the “Library Girl,” is featured in a segment focusing on the rising costs of college tuition.

“This is an important topic for young adults all over this country, who want to get a proper education,” says Sunderland. “My story has a happy ending, but a year ago I was searching the couch cushions to scrape enough money together for a ‘dollar meal.’ We all have our choices and paths to take; for me, camming to pay for college changed my life forever, in the best way possible. It has also given me a forum to do good things – my goal is to give back to the world through my notoriety.”

“Kendra is the poster child for the increasingly high cost of college tuition in America,” says “Teen Take” producer Andrew Demeter. “She resorted to what some may consider ‘objectifying’ herself, merely to finance her education. Others may consider Kendra’s dignity null and void, because she cams. Ironically, she is now in a better position without a degree – owning her own house and traveling the world – than any graduating student saddled with debt.”

Demeter is the 18-year-old host / producer of “Teen Take” – an online, youth-oriented platform for social and political commentary and interviews. “The Big Decision” is one of two films he’s produced for, which is C-SPAN’s national (and annual) documentary competition for middle and high school students. This year’s prompt was: “What issue would you most like the 2016 presidential candidates to address?” Demeter chose the topic of college tuition, because as a high school senior, he is confronted with many questions, which need to be sorted out by the end of his academic year.

“One of my goals was to humanize students who choose not to go to college,” continues Demeter. “The stigma seems to be that, ‘Oh, he / she isn’t going to college! Surely they’re going to be unsuccessful and homeless!’ In some ways, people who don’t attend college can be better off in the long term; they can dive directly into the work force, and begin learning the skills that no school can teach you without the necessary experience. Going to college or not is a personal decision. No singular path can possibly be the right choice for everyone. That’s why I was so inspired by Kendra’s closing words, which conclude the film.”

To view “The Big Decision,” visit

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