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Jan 6, 2016
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SAN FRANCISCO — has overhauled its long-standing Model Bill of Rights in an effort to better protect performers in the adult industry from sexual assault and harassment. The new rights address performer safety both off-set and on, provide multiple and confidential ways to report incidents, and stresses affirmative consent as a guiding principal for performer interactions.

“This is just the first-step in a larger effort to strengthen performer protections on-set,” said Mike Stabile, spokesperson for “We’re also updating our shooting guidelines, instituting reporting protocols, working with performers outside of the company to make sure that our sets are safe, and that performers are protected.”

The new protocols, entitled Model Rights and Responsibilities, expands previous performer protections to better address issues of sexual assault and harassment, as well as sobriety, transphobia and payment. Included in the updated protections:

  • Expanding the previous protections to include all interactions, on and off-set.
  • Establishing that on-set consent does not equal off-set consent, with an affirmative consent model (“only yes means yes”) as a marker for expected behavior.
  • Proving escorts for models to and from set, and private bathrooms and showers
  • Increased check-ins with models after a shoot
  • Providing multiple and confidential methods for reporting incidents or concerns

All performers who work with Kink will review and sign the new protocols before shooting. The new model bill of rights is attached and can be viewed here:

Model Expected Behavior Guidelines

Our facilities are shared amongst all models, of all genders.  We expect all models to behave in a respectful manner during their stay and to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Consent is inviolable, on-set or off.  On-set consent is not off-set consent. We do not tolerate any unwanted sexual conduct toward other models, employees, visitors, or contractors in the Armory. Remember, only yes means yes.
  • Homophobia, transphobia, racism, and sexism will not be tolerated.
  • We have people working in the Armory at all times. Please be aware of noise, and others personal space and to treat it as though it were your own home.
  • Smoking is allowed outdoors only.  You may smoke in the front of the Armory at least 20 feet from the door.  Please make sure security is aware you’re exiting the building when it’s late at night


  • No drugs are permitted on the premises. Usage of drugs during your stay will jeopardize your scheduled shoots, as well as future shoots with the company.
  • The consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed only after your shoots, and only if you are over the age of 21.
  • No unauthorized guests, or pets are allowed in the Armory either during or after your shoot.


We want to make your time at The Armory as comfortable and safe as possible. These rules are put in place for everyone’s security and well-being, so that everyone has an enjoyable stay and is well rested for their shoots. Please be respectful of other people’s boundaries and limits. For your safety and convenience, we have set up and request the following:

  • Security guards are here 24 hours a day for your safety.  Call on them if you need anything.  415-856-0771 x119
  • Please only speak to the guards when it is necessary and avoid lingering or “hanging out” with the guards – it distracts them from doing their job.
  • There are security cameras in the hallways, and by the stairs on the second floor. The security guards will be monitoring them for any suspicious activity.
  • One green room is provided on the second floor.  Please keep conversation, and TV volumes at a reasonable level, especially after 9pm.
  • There are hospitality binders in the main green room for your convenience with maps of the area and information on restaurants and nightlife.
    • There are gender-neutral showers on Floor 2 for your convenience.  There are also two private showers that you may use.  A member of the Talent Department can assist you.
    • For your safety, do not wander or explore the building without a employee present.
    • Model Rights and Responsibilities

      • I can stop any scene at any time by using the house safeword “RED”.
      • I will be given (and should demand) a recognizable safeword in the event that I am gagged or otherwise unable to say “RED”. This can be a verbal “Uh-Uh” or a non-verbal signal such as a hand signal.
      • Upon use of my safeword, the scene will stop. I am entitled to ask for the scene to completely end or for the shoot to completely end.  Only if I explicitly consent, can the scene continue at a slower pace.


      • I am entitled to personally sanitize any items that are used on me.
      • I am entitled to ask to see fresh condoms applied to any item used on me.  I also understand that, per the separate condom addendum, I am entitled to ask for and use a condom at any time, for any reason. I understand that some Kink models always use condoms, some never do, and some do occasionally.  If I do choose to use a condom, it will in no way affect my ability to book future scenes at Kink.
      • I am entitled to ask for and see PASS Database STI test clearance for any other model I have sexual contact with.
      • I am entitled to ask any model or producer to wear sanitary gloves before touching my genitals.
      • I am entitled to ask to have any item tested on me before the scene begins (such as nipple clamps, gags, etc).
      • I understand that no one has a right to my body besides me, on-set or off.  No one has the right to physical contact with me, on set or off, without my consent.


      • I can finish the shoot at any time and will be entitled to the proportion of the modeling fee earned (e.g. If I decide to end a 4 hour shoot after 3 hours, I will be entitled to 75% of the original fee).


      • If any of the above is violated, either explicitly or in spirit, by any staff, performer, crew or visitor, I can and should report it to the talent department. I understand that anything I tell the talent department will be kept confidential, if I request it, except in the case a criminal offense (e.g, sexual assault, theft), in which case law enforcement will need to be contacted.
      • In addition to my check-in, I will be provided with a Talent department staff’s phone number prior to my shoot.  I understand I can phone this individual at any time to voice concerns or complaints in a confidential manner.


      • I understand I must abide by the rules outlined in the separate document titled “Models Expected Behavior Guidelines,” which is attached as Exhibit A.
      • I understand someone from wardrobe, talent or the production crew will accompany me to and from set, and to and from restrooms while on set.  I have the right to use a private restroom and/or shower if I request it.
      • I understand a member from the Talent Department will meet with me after my shoot (or, in the case of a shoot during non-business hours, phone me after the shoot) to discuss my experience while on set and in the Armory.
      • I understand that has a vested interest in safe sets and performer health, and encourages the reporting of anything that violates our shooting guidelines or performer rights.
      • If I have any complaints about my experiences, I can contact Human Resources at 


      Signed _____________________________________________

      Legal Name
      Date ________________________________________

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